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April 12, 2011
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April 13, 2011
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200 follower giveaway… a little something for your wrist!

We interrupt your day with a special message for all you working pelicans! I recently passed the 200 follower mark (don’t any of you unfollow me now…) and while I really wanted to commemorate it with a barbeque, none of my friends are into blogging or sewing. Or barbequing in the snow, for that matter. Lucky for all of you, I cancelled the barbeque and instead set my sights on a GIVEAWAY!!

And thanks to the Cupcake Goddess, one lucky bird is about to win a wrist pincushion from her shop, A Fashionable Stitch! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these since I interviewed Sunni all the way back in October; so you can bet your sweet pelican beaks I was doing the happy dance to see them available and adorable this morning!

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic              

Giveaway rules

Who can enter?

The giveaway is open to all, regardless of where you live.


What is being given away?

One ‘Chic’ wrist pincushion – pictured above, black and white cashmere with red wool felt accents. The wrist band will be made to your measurements and you can choose between the smaller or larger size cushion. For those of you interested in copying my every move, you’ll be happy to know that this is the style that I ordered today! We’ll have matching wrists! (or, well, hands. I wear mine on my hand.)

Full description of the wrist pincushions.


When is the giveaway over? When does it start?

Good questions. The giveaway starts as soon as you are done reading this post and ends Friday, April 15th at midnight. That’s right, you procrastinating US taxpayers. You will have to be sure to get to the post office AND enter the giveaway by midnight on Friday. If something’s gotta give, let it be the taxes. Winner to be announced Saturday, April 16th


Why give something away?

A joint celebration of the new addition to A Fashionable Stitch and my 200th follower! Also, we are very concerned that you may be keeping your pins in old yogurt containers. Or sticking them in the cat.


How do I enter?

Easy! All you have to do is leave your email and comment below with the answer to least one of the following questions:

  • Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
  • What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please! And we already know you love the Cupcake Goddess and The Snug Bug, so leave us out of the running..)
  • What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?

Obviously, you get extra existential credit for following The Cupcake Goddess and the Snug Bug on Facebook, in blogger, in your google reader, etc. but I’m not requiring it for entry in the giveaway. Email, though, is required!

Again, to enter: leave comment below and include your email address and the answer to at least one of the questions.

If I can easily find your email address by clicking on your name, that’s fine and you don’t have to include in the comments.


Can I see more pictures?

I thought you’d never ask…

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic     

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic    

Small Wrist Pincushion - Chic

Special thanks to Sunni for sponsoring the giveaway!! And for making these lovely and practical pincushions!


  1. Paunnet says:

    1. Unfortunately, I live in Italy and the postage from the US is just too high. I'd LOVE to have a "pressing set" because it seems like they don't exist here and Sunni makes them in such beautiful fabrics!

  2. Jenna says:

    Yay for 200 followers!! I don't have any of Sunni's notions yet, but I have been positively lusting over her hams & seam rolls since she cam out with them. I need to decide on a fabric. As for blogs, I love Tasia's espcially. She's such a cutie! And she really has a knack for teaching. :)
    My email is ajfries (at) hotmail.com

  3. Mary Danielson says:

    Congratulations on the 200 followers, Patty! That's so exciting!

    1. I don't own any FS notions yet, but I can't get over how awesome that pin cushion is. I've only just recently discovered The Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch through other sewing blogs and can't stop ogling her lovely sewing sets. Who knew a tailor's ham could be so swoon-worthy?

    2. My Google Reader is overflowing with wonderful blogs, but some of my absolute favorites are Lazy Stitching, My Happy Sewing Place, and Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway! My email is: AnIdleFancy@gmail.com

  4. Artkat (Kathy Manning) says:

    #1 no I don't have any but they look great. Postage to here is a bit of a killer
    #2 my favourite hasn't been updated since Christmas :-( but I really like Sew-4-fun's blog http://sew-4-fun.blogspot.com mainly because she has to make the same alterations I do. I also read http://marynannasews.blogspot.com and http://stitchesandseams.blogspot.com and http://kbenco.blogspot.com regularly.
    blklman at xtra dot co dot nz

  5. Jane says:

    Congrats on reaching 200 followers Patty. I have a Cupcake Goddess seam roll and tailor's ham set, and although the international postage and customs charges nearly bankrupted me, they're worth every penny! My favourite blogs are Tilly and the Buttons and Did You Make That? x

  6. emcrorie says:

    http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.com/ is my current favorite! We have similar body types and I love how she always looks so stylish!

  7. LAP says:

    Sadly I do not own any of Sunni's amazing pressing tools. I've been patiently waiting for someone to give them to me as a gift, thus revealing they love me the most in all the world. Naturally that means I should get them from my offspring for Mother's Day, right?

    I totally love what Mena has been doing at The Sew Weekly, but http://highplainsthrifter.net/ is MN style blogger who entertains and inspire me almost every day and I just want to be Esme from http://esmeandthelaneway.blogspot.com/

    I think the next addition to Sunni's stock at A Fashionable Stitch is pressing clappers. They are a totally forgotten pressing tool and are a pleating revelation. Sunni would get a chance to play with a jigsaw and make her own sawdust too! Also, I would love for her to sell pressing cloth sets, because that's more convenient to me than scouting out my own fabric scraps. She could make a little envelope for them to hang on the ironing board.

    I follow both you and Sunni on my google reader and "like" you on FB as well, and my email address is mommylap@gmail.com

  8. Alessa says:

    Great giveaway, I've already been admiring those pincushions! And congrats on the 200+ followers!

    I don't own any of Sunni's fabulous haberdashery items yet, even though I've salivated over the steam rolls… Alas, international shipping…

    Favorite blogs right now… difficult and probably a tie between a good dozen, but one of the newest (for me) is http://oonaballoona.blogspot.com/

  9. Stacie Thinks says:

    Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome? I don't, but let's fix that together.

    What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please! And we already know you love the Cupcake Goddess and The Snug Bug, so leave us out of the running.) I loveThe Sew Weekly, Heather's Sewing on Pins blog, she has great tutorials and of course this one and Sunni's (I'm loving the Geisha dress). All the great sewing and style blogs inspired me to create my own recently. It's not as fabulous yet, but I enjoy my own little piece of the interweb.

    What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department? I don't even begin to know what's out there. Something that inspires me and comes with a tutorial!

  10. julieb says:

    i have cupcake goddesses sewing ham, and i love love it.
    it is sooo cute, and works great!
    i would love to try out this pin cushin!

  11. monkeysocks says:

    Congratulations honey! Love both you and the goddess's blogs.

    Like many others here I have been coveting a seam roll and ham, currently I tend to use rolled up fabric and it just doesnt really work! I keep meanign to try and make one but now I have been reminded I may just buy one-her's are sooo pretty! She uses the nicest fabrics!

    Again, like many others-I second Gertie, Casey, Sewaholic, am Loving the new Sew weekly, and love Miss P http://portialawrie.blogspot.com/, she is a prolific refashioner and does some great how to posts.

    I am enjoying the needlebook suggestion, also I am impressed by how many people have managed to get things as gifts-perhaps some kind of gift purchase, like a sewing bit and bobs/notions box with all the various things inside and little pots for things that you can keep everything in? mine currently spread all over the edges of my bookshelf and I can never find anything!

    katie dot nicolson at googlemail dot com

  12. Sue says:

    I would love to win one of those pin cusions as I have a small collection started. It is hard to choose a favorite blog but one I read regularly is Two On, two Off.

    quiltsewsewsue at gmail dot com

  13. Suzie says:

    Congrats on the 200+ followers – so exciting!

    1. I very (un)subtly showed the Cupcake Goddess's Etsy shop to my boyfriend before Christmas last year and am now the very proud owner of the most grogeous red seamroll and ham press!!! They have totally transformed my sewing ironing prep – I'm not sure how I coped before I had them!

    2. Sooo so many…I spend way too long reading sewing blogs. One of my favourites has always been Sewaholic – she is so talented and her posts are so informative – and she has got to be one of the most optimistic and cheery people out there!

    3. Well I have to admit that the first thing that sprang to my mind when I read this question was a needle book. Its actually something I really need, and I know Sunni would put such a glamorous and gorgeous spin on what is normally such a boring looking sewing notion!

  14. Bridget says:

    Congratulations on passing 200

    1 – not yet it's hard to justify the postal costs to the UK, but I'm trying really hard to talk myself into it, maybe when I get a new job.
    2- Lots, I love Tanit-Isis, gertie has been an inspiration from the start and I've just found Oonaballoona who just makes me happy.
    3- some sort of needle book/ cushion for sewing machine needles so you can have them all in different sections for their size and type rather than floating around in those annoying little plastic boxes which I always loose.

    My email should be in my profile.

  15. Kara says:

    Congrats on 200 followers!

    I have a Cupcake Goddess tailor's ham and seam roll. They are so awesome for pressing hard to reach and curved areas! Before I got them I was always trying to press those areas using the end of my ironing board, which was really annoying and not very effective. Plus, they're cute! Not like the boring Dritz ones you can get at Joann. And they're well made! My cat managed to get a hold of the seam roll and attack it, and even though there's a few visible cat bite marks, it's still intact and not leaking any sawdust!

    Oh, gosh. I have so many favorite sewing blogs! I think at the top of my list would be Sewaholic, Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing and Casey's Elegant Musings.

    My email is kara(dot)ohlinger(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. Rachel says:

    #1 No, but I made my own ham, not as decorative as her beautiful ones.
    #2 Liked Ralph pink, with his quest onto the catwalk.
    #3 Something to catch my iron as it flys off the ironing board again!

  17. Carmencita B says:

    #1 No but I pine for her pressing tools!
    #2 Right now I read AND print every post by Pattern Scissors Cloth http://buzzybeesworld.blogspot.com/ Her RTW Tailoring Sewalong is so full of information, I can't get enough.
    #3 an iphone app for patterns, fabric and notions

  18. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    #1 – I don't have anything resembling this cute pincushion, but I need one to be feeling fashionable in my sewing room :)
    #2 – my current favorites are Pattern~Scissors~ Cloth because she is a great technician as well as very good writer, I adore Yoshimi, Handmade by Carolyn is inspiring me to try different styles, and Victoria of 10,000 hours of Sewing because she chooses patterns that I want to try.
    #3 – next product, how about something to keep my scissors with me at all times, some kind of magical necklace to hold them as I walk around my sewing space?

  19. lazystitching says:

    Oh fun!!
    #1 – Sadly I don't own any of Sunni's notions yet as postage to my end of the earth is out of my league but I still have my fingers crossed she's going to put up some stuff your own hams & seam rolls… hint, hint.
    #2 – A couple of my current faves are Idle Fancy and pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth.
    #3 – See #1 pretty please!

  20. gMarie says:

    Oh what fun! a giveaway – do I have a cupcake godness notion – not currently, but I'm considering contacting her for a tailers size ham and a new seam roll – my dog ate mine – yes seriously.

    Favorite blog – Carolyn, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. I adore her. She's as lovely in person as she is in print. g

  21. Catherine says:

    Congrats on 200+ followers.

    I am new to sewing and have quite a few favourite sewing blogs.
    Gertie Sews, K-Line, Yoshimi the Flying Squirrel, Green apples to name a few.

    I don't own any of Sunni's fabulous looking notions.

    My email is purdy@xtra.co.nz

  22. Claire says:

    What a great giveaway! Snug Bug is my favorite sewing blog right now (obviously), but I'm also really liking The Sew Convert. Gertie's blog is great too.
    my email is claireelarson at gmail

  23. amelie says:

    Giveaways are a great time to break the blog-comment ice, right?

    As for some favorite sewing blogs, I've been following Colette Patterns, Male Pattern Boldness, and Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing for a while, and am constantly amused and learning new things.

    My email address should be easy to find, but it's adams.ameliac(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. Amy says:

    Congratulations on reaching 200 followers!

    I can't help but enter your contest. I hope it's not terribly rude that I've never commented before. I guess you get to meet the lurkers with giveaways like these. But, I've been searching for a fashionable and functional wrist pincushion for months now. It would be lovely to win one from the Cupcake Goddess.

    My go-to sewing blogs have all been mentioned above. I'm too new to sewing to provide any good suggestions for R&D. And, I haven't (yet!) ordered anything from A Fashionable Stitch. But, I do keep going back to look at her ham and seam roll sets… It just takes me a while to commit to anything.

    Lastly, my email is drsewwell at gmail dot com.

  25. Heather says:

    Well hells bells, because right now The Snug Bug is my favorite sewing blog! Still waiting for time to make a pair of trousers with the crocus welts.

    So, in lieu of that, I would say that right now I love me some Sew Weekly blog. There's so much to see and read and lots to look at.

    And I have bought a few vintage patterns from Sunni, does that count?


    heathertyfeatherty (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. julandmatt says:

    Congrats on 200th follower! Blogging can be so fun (I blog about my dog…haha)

    I'm brand new to sewing and my head spins with so many fun blogs, there's a few I check besides yours. (Erica b, Sew Weekly and the daily skirt )

    Now I even have more blogs to check out thanks to the comments above.
    Have a great day.

  27. Marissa says:

    I have one of Sunni's pincushions, and I've been lusting after a seam roll and ham for awhile! …as for favorite blogs? Gertie's for sure, but Tasia and Casey are other favorites :)

  28. Karen in VA says:

    I do have Sunni's seam roll and ham and love them!!! Well made and gorgeous fabric choices… I have way too many blogs I love to choose a favorite…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Q1: I have a ham and seam roll. I STRONGLY hinted to the husband they would make an excellent Christmas gift. They are so firm you can really shape a seam with them.

    Q2: I'm going to say Tany et la Mode. She has such a strong style and she sews a large portion of it. Plus she's gorgeous.

    Never left a comment before, but I love your blog/humour. And I always like reading someone else's adventures in doing a "hearty" fba ;)

    laurie (at) shiny-objects (dot) com

  30. Cha-Cha says:

    I, too, keep looking at the gorgeous things over at her blog! Should just make myself something and use up some of my scraps! Well, my current fave blog to watch is buzzybeesworld.blogspot.com. Sherry does the best job of explaining insider sewing tricks! I am currently trying to follow her coat sew-a-long but find my feet dragging. Arrrggghhh….life!


  31. Ashley says:

    Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
    - Yes! I have the tailor's ham and seam roll set, which I love!

    What is your current favorite blog?
    - I love Elegant Musings, Oonaballoona, Colette Patterns, and Gertie equally. :)

    What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?
    - Used sewing books and vintage jewelry/accessories!

  32. Angelina S. says:

    Congrats on 200 followers!

    Q1. I have not, but I am anxiously waiting for more tailor's hams/seam rolls to be listed.

    Q2. I really love Sewaholic, The Sew Weekly and Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing. I learn so much from those ladies!

    Thanks for the chance to win!



  33. K.Line says:

    Congrats Patty! To Q1: I don't own a CG notion but I'd LOVE to! And I cannot choose a fave blog because I rely on so many for fantastic reading…

  34. Reana Louise says:

    Q1: Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
    A: Not yet but I'm going to get a ham roll! It's 2nd on my list of wants (right after some more pins, I'm REALLY good at losing them)

    Q2: What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please!)?
    A: Oonaballoona (she's hilarious), Sewaholic (gorgeous), Casey (stylish-i-wish-i-put-that-much-energy-into-my-appearance), and the community based ones Re-Fashion Co-Op & the Sew Weekly (both really inspirational).

    Q3: What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?
    A: Pins! Oh no… maybe I'm the only person who loses them and that might be a tad boring… You know what I love? Vintage or unique things. For example I've been looking out for a beautiful and functional vintage thread cutting scissors.

    Thanks for holding a giveaway and congratulations on 200 followers! email: reanamccourt [at] gmail [dot] com

  35. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

    1. I've been dying for a set of her pressing tools. I'm hoping she'll have something with an animal print at some point.

    2. I really love Gertie's blog. Her sense of style is refreshing and I love her tattoos. Plus I've learned so much from her.

    My email is adkicks(at)aol(dot)com

  36. Susan says:

    One of my favorite bloggers is Amanda from Amanda's Sewing Adventures. She doesn't even own a serger, yet she has the cleanest insides that I've ever seen. Her choice of fabric with pattern matching is impeccable.

  37. AmeliaSews says:

    I have been lusting after Sunni's seam rolls and hams, but haven't been able to budget them yet. Hopefully this spring.
    I enjoy most the blogs with tutorials: Sewaholic, Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing and pattern,scissors, cloth spring to mind.

    wigray06 at yahoo dot com

  38. Pammie says:

    Q1: Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
    A: Yes, I have the seam roll and ham – which you can find on my blog – and I love them. I am a fan of Sunni,
    and participated in her sew-along!

    Q2: What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please!)?
    A: Other than The Snug Bug and Sunni – I would say Gertie's Blog, Eugenia's blog or a few others – I love
    Katie's Blog (Katiedididdle and Living La Vida Loca).. not to mention The Sewing Laywer. I also like Fatshion for Wayward Girls! Fun!! There are so many fantastic sewing blogs

    Q3: What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?
    A: A real comparison of sewing shears – which ones do you recommend. For instance I LOVE Gingher. Really, the classic.

  39. Krystina says:

    congrats on 200. I've never visited your blog, I'm glad Sunni linked it!

    I don't own any of Sunni's great notions… Yet!

    fav blogs: film in the fridge, collette patterns blog and posie gets cozy are my favorites!

  40. Sarah says:

    Project Rungay is my favorite style blog.

    chickenpouf at gmail dot com

  41. Heather says:

    Holy cow, I remember joining your followers when you had less than 10! Congratulations!

    * Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?

    I don't, but in my defense, I didn't know she had a shop. (I am a broke Grad Student – I avoid links to shops like the plague right now). I'm really loving those wristband pin cushions, though, and now that I'm poking around the shop, I fear for my credit card!

    * What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please! And we already know you love the Cupcake Goddess and The Snug Bug, so leave us out of the running..)

    Hmm…that's a tough one. I love a lot of the big blogs out there, but I also adore a lot of the smaller blogs, like Stacie Thinks She Can, and Quiet and Small Adventures.

    Although probably my favourite blog right now is probably 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. I've learned so much from Steph, it's sort of ridiculous at this stage. :)

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway! My email can be found in my profile.

  42. The Hojnackes says:

    I don't own any of her notions, but I do love Cupcake Goddess's sleeve roll and hope to own one soon.
    I can't name a favorite blog- there are just too many!


    P.S. Did you know that due to a holiday(Emancipation Day) in Washington D.C. which usually occurs on April 16th but falls on a weekend this year, they are celebrating it on the 15th, therefore the IRS has extended the tax deadline to the following Monday????

  43. Tanit-Isis says:

    Oooh, count me in! I kept all my pins in an old tea tin until I won a little mouse pin-cushion at Christmastime from Steph of 3 Hours Past the End of the World. But a pincushion that came with me through my migrations (I tend to sew across multiple floors, nevermind multiple rooms) would be divine.

    I haven't bought one of the Cupcake Goddess's hams or sleeve rolls yet, but I have bought several vintage patterns from her (including the men's shirt I just finally showed) and I love her packaging with its sweet little details.

    I refuse to try to name a favourite blog, it's not possible.

    As to what should be up next… I'd love a pincushion for needles, with different areas for different types, how long sewed with, stuff like that.

    tanitisis (at) gmail (dot) com


  44. Shannon says:

    I am all over Sew Weekly these days and it has opened the door to so many more (including this one)

  45. Evie says:

    I just saw these on Sunni's blog too! So cute. I really love all of her fun pressing tools, etc, but unfortunately my current broke-graduate-student state prevents me from spending very much money on anything and when I do it's usually a splurge on some cheap chinese food. Woo hoo! Sunni's fabric choices are always so fun and interesting though, one day I'm going to get myself some.

    On to question two…Can I just say Sew Retro and include you all??? No, okay, well. Chosen in a relatively random fashion from my blogroll (since I just can't choose) I'll go with Tea with the Vintage Baroness and Sewingadicta. I feel a certain affinity for Rosie at Sewingadicta since she's from my dear Spain. All her pictures make me want to go back. And the Baroness always hands fun goodies to share!

    I think a needle book would be good too. I'm always losing them once they get stuck in my pincushion.


  46. Leanne says:

    I will answer #2: I really like Poor Pitiful Pearl – some of her stuff is a little "out there," but I love her use of color, and the concept of sewing together thrift store finds and making a totally unique garment!! You can find me at lweber@northexp.org.

  47. Jade says:

    I second the needle book idea above. My favorite blogs of the moment are Anna Maria Horner's and Gertie's. This one would make my top 5 easily but you told me I couldn't pick it. jadelovesbrynn (at) yahoo [dot] com. Side note, I type "come" instead of com every single time. Even right then.

  48. jadestar says:

    Congrats on 200 followers! I just saw these on Sunni's website. Very cute.

    1. Sadly, living in the UK the postage on Sunni's goodies is quite steep. I've been lusting after her pressing tools (hams and rolls). So functional but so pretty.

    2. Sewaholic – I'm loving the patterns for pear shapes, and am taking part in her crescent sewalong.
    Casey's Elegant Musings – very inspirational.

    Email address is on profile.

  49. Claire (aka Seemane) says:

    Oh, how lovely! Congrats on the 200+ followers Patty.

    Q1: Do you already own a Cupcake Goddess/Fashionable Stitch notion? Which one and why it is awesome?
    A: Nope, I don't have the pleasure of owning a Sunni-made notion, however I have recently purchased this darling dress pattern from her (after secretly admiring the same pattern on Tanit-Isis's blog LOL!)

    Q2: What is your current favorite blog (sewing or style related, please!)?
    A: Hmmm… can I have 3 please?
    Tanit-Isis Sews… for it's fun, humourous voice, it's productivity & honesty about the ups/downs of self-stitched makes :)
    Sewaholic… for the sunny outlook on sewing, plus the lovely tutorials 'n' tips.
    Casey's Elegant Musings for it's modern-meets-retro relaxed vintage style.

    Q3: What product should be up next for the Fashionable Stitch R&D department?
    A: I'd like to see a great needle book please! Not teenie tiny like those baby-size felt ones you sometimes see in the bottom of old thrifted sewing boxes. But, rather something bigger (say 5"x 5" square) with several leaves/pages – each pre-labelled saying things like "Machine – Jersey", "Hand – Basting", "Machine – Denim" etc. maybe even with numbers like 80, 90 or 16 etc. for the needle size – to make storing machine & hand needles easy 'n' simple (mine are all over the place & if I don't put my hand needles back into the cardboard packet – or if I leave them in the pincushion, then I can't remember what they are for!). Perhaps even a line on each page to section off "old" needles which have been used for a lot of projects & might be getting blunt too?

    My email address is on my profile :)

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