November 30, 2010

Mini bloomers… take two.

Alrighty… earlier this week I groused about the early sunsets cramping my picture taking style and I may have mentioned something about low light, home-made movies… […]
November 29, 2010

Mini-bloomers. Take one.

Here’s just a quick pic of some adorable mini-bloomers (the Colette ones. I swear, I’ll move on to a new pattern designer eventually…) I made these […]
November 28, 2010

omigoodness… the best giveaway ever at The Blue Gardenia

I seriously considered NOT posting this, in order to give myself a theoretical better chance of winning, but I decided in favor of doing the right […]
November 27, 2010

Yes, sencha…may I have another?

Another day, another shirt. Four more episodes of Buffy. Today, I present my first version of Colette’s Sencha! I wasn’t so sure about this shirt, thinking […]
November 25, 2010

A pinteresting new way to obsess over Anthro catalogs and silk charmeuse…

Mr. Bug and I brought our Subaru to the spa today in preparation for a two and a half hour drive through literal woods and real-life […]
November 24, 2010

Better late than never… a Mondo tribute outfit.

So folkses. I’ve actually had this sweater in my possession (unhemmed, of course) since a few days after the terrible event that I still can’t talk […]
November 23, 2010

Beignet–the fit so far…

I had high hopes of a more complete post, but not only is my Beignet not ready for primetime, but this ridiculous daylight savings time is […]
November 21, 2010

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Elle, blogger at It’s a Sewing Life and owner of the Jenna Belle Designs Etsy shop where one can find adorable little clutches and […]
November 19, 2010

Utilitarian sewing. Grimace mittens. And ham radios.

More utilitarian sewing. Still playing catchup in Snug Bug-land! Last Saturday when I bundled up to head out into the snowstorm of the decade, I realized […]
November 18, 2010

Don’t let today slip away without visiting The Blue Gardenia! Last day to take advantage of the 20% offer!

Reminder: Head on over to Blue Gardenia and enter the code SB20 in the order box to get 20% off orders of $40 or more – […]