Adventures in button hunting. And a few accidental finds…

I capped off a recent antique store crawl today. A very slow motion crawl,  spanning weeks. To celebrate, I decided to share a few snapshots. With bad lighting. That’s sort of my thing now, bad lighting. Here’s some eye candy. Click to see extra-large sized and after the jump find out the details.



The details…

  1. {top row}The Velvette ribbon… two whole spools with the plastic still on it! Nice and fuzzy on one side. Weirdly papery on the other. I think it might be floral ribbon, but I love this stuff! Got it for $4.00 along with the ribbon spool (second row) at Hunt and Gather – my favorite Minneapolis antique shop…
  2. {second row : first photo} Buttons and bling! A nice collection of giant vintage buttons, clip earrings, brooches and cufflinks! Check out those greenish fabric trim ones in the center! I need to find some nice wool to make the perfect coat for these perfect buttons! The two metal ones (4th from the top, all the way to the right) are especially cool – it doesn’t show in the picture, but the buttons are a sort of open scrolly metal design with little MIRRORS inside so they’re super sparkly! Also, these are a funky color but the upper left hand corner is a nice collection of green buttons in a variety of sizes. It’s so hard to find vintage buttons in multiples! Sigh. I got these from a variety of shops, most were $5 or under (for the sets, not each…)
  3. {second row : second photo} This ribbon spool seemed very handy. I’m not sure if it’s actually ‘vintage’, it’s sort of a paper towel holder, with the spindle sharpened. Very handy for ribbon wrangling and battling the undead (still on my Buffy marathon, season three…)
  4. {bottom row : first photo} A belt kit! I got this in a hilarious bag of goodies at Goodwill. One plastic bag, one belt kit, one ancient half-used up tag kit and one completely empty cover-your-own-buttons-in-fabric kit. It was only a dollar fifty or so, though, so it was worth it for the belt kit. And the giggling when I realized they had packaged up empty, um, packages.
  5. {bottom row : second photo} These wonderful white buttons. Four of them! I really think they’re great… one problem, though. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to remove them from the pretty card they came on. Also, Muscatine, Iowa is the world’s biggest button market. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go there…
    That’s it for my pictorial adventure. We also bought a 35 pound bag of lamb and rice Eukanuba for Lucybear today, but I didn’t snap a photo of that…


  1. Tasia says:

    Ooooh I LOVE those white swirly buttons, they're fabulous! Great finds!

  2. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    SUPER great finds!

  3. Dawn Young Cunningham says:

    Miss Bug, I look forward to your field-trip to Iowa. We can also go to the little metal diner that Alton Brown stopped at on his motorcycle road show on the Food Network.Do you need my email?

  4. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Dawn! That sounds so fun!! We travel a lot in the summer (hubby loves a road trip!) I'll see if we can add that to one of our itineraries!

    T- what I go to is more properly a flea-tique store – not hoity toity antiques with $1600 dollar side tables and swirly legs… more shabby, chippy paint, filled with tons of stuff and the inevitable terrifying fox stoles…

    Amaydak – welcome to the blog! Details are such an obsession for me!

  5. amaydak says:

    Wow, love those buttons! Details can make such a huge difference. :)

  6. tanitisis says:

    Finds like these are so much fun! Maybe I should start hitting up our local antique shops… so far I've been sticking to the thrift store. :)

  7. Dawn Young Cunningham says:

    Honey! I live 15 glorious green acres from Muscatine! I will be your guide to the Button Museum, Button Factory restaurant and antique shops. We can also go to the sewing shops and yarn shop. Just give me a jingle. I teach school but would love to meet you and any Bug BBF's you want to bring down!

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