April 19, 2011
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April 20, 2011
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At long last! A Pendrell! (Sewaholic 1001)

Greetings earthlings! I’m pretty excited to FINALLY have some snapshots of the Pendrell to show all ya’ll tonight! I preordered the pattern (along with everyone else) and cut it out a few days after it arrived at my space hut. And there it sat. I’ve finally managed to get one stitched together; from a lovely voile from Tina Givens (alas, we don’t have it posted to our etsy site.) I’m seriously in love with this fabric, as it manages to blend together a dust bowl, 30’s vibe with a totally retro 70’s groove. How weird is that? Without further ado, here it is…



I made this as a sample for the shop, although it will eventually come to live with me. Since it’s a sample, I decided to make a straight size 16, even though it’s a few inches too small at the bust, waist and hips! I figured if it didn’t work out, ah well… it’s a sample.

The end version ended up fitting fairly well! I don’t really like blousy shirts, and the Pendrell must have a few inches of ease built in. I was particularly surprised at how well the bust curve of the princess seams fit me! You can see from the back that I could certainly use a bit more room and I’ll probably do an FBA to add an inch or two for the next version. Also – holy COW, this shirt is long! But I love how the ruffles balance out my narrow shoulders.

I made view B, which is the two ruffle version. I also like version A, with the cool cap sleeve, but I really LOVE the little cap sleeves of version I made! I’m thinking my next Pendrell just may be another version B, but without the shoulder ruffles! I’ll probably also make the neck a bit more scooped – all you earthlings know that I like a bit of dip in my necklines to help the bust look a bit more perky!

I took a few full length shots – my hair was out of control, giving me a bit of a wanton look…

Also! I alluded to this on my facebook page earlier, but I stopped by the shop today to pick up my copy of the Crescent Skirt pattern (yes! we’re going to sell Sewaholic patterns in the shop! more on that soon!) and lo and behold there were also two brand new Colette patterns in the mail! I don’t even see them on the website yet, although I imagine they’ll be there any day, since they got shipped out to us! I took a snapshot of my three new lovely patterns! I already have my cutting scissors staking out the Crescent skirt, but I’m also super excited about the Violet blouse – Sarai made a super cute version for her Spring Palette Challenge (at least it looks like the same shirt…), and I’d really like to try to break out of my cami and cardigan rut… more shirts, please!


  1. Amanda says:

    Ooo ooo, new Colette Patterns! (or is that Colette patterns?!). I like the new green booklets, thanks for sharing. And I love the print you chose for the Pendrell! Very cute.

  2. oonaballoona says:

    love it love it, and ADORE the wanton hair!

  3. angie.a says:

    Oh wow! I forgot Colette had new patterns coming out. My buddy Heather is a test stitcher, but she is so "good" and never shares the details until they're revealed. Doesn't stop her from teasing me mercilessly though.

    The Pendrell looks fabulous. Another pattern I've been trying to resist! (I can't resist the Colette's though, both are darling!)

  4. Lola Skw says:

    Wow- cuteness overload! you definitely look gorgeous, and the pendrell pattern is lovely!

  5. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Miss P – I have no idea! We have 4 copies at our shop, but don't have them in our online section yet. I'm sure that they'll be on the Colette site soon, and if you have a retailer close by – perhaps they have them? I think the owner said Colette contacted her about ordering the new patterns! And I was surprised at how flattering the higher neckline was as well!

    P.sue – that makes total sense, as 80's stuff really looks like a lot of 40's stuff to me… so that'd but us looking back with longing at… hm.. 90's/fifties, 00's/sixties, 10's/70's! Oh! Hello Marc Jacob's Spring 2011…

    K.Line – I agree, it's just a little binding in the back – not uncomfy, just potentially unflattering! What would be perfect is the same size in a fabric with a teeny bit of stretch. Just a teeny bit…

    Pam – I don't use a dress form, but if you look back at older posts you'll see that I made muslins over and over and over… this shirt, though, was a fluke! Since's I made a by-the-measurements too small, drafted for a B cup, it should be unflattering with the bust curve up by my collarbone! It's a magic shirt (and, as I've said repeatedly, I like my shirts indecently tight!)

    Amanda – that's a Jenny hybrid – here's the original post – it's the jenny top with the skirt from Vogue 8648, which is actually a sheath dress with princess seams all the way down!

    Sarah – the fabric is a voile, but it's one of those freespirit ones (same as the Anna Maria Horner stuff, I think) that's a bit thicker than some other voiles I've seen. It's sort of sheer, but as long as I'm wearing a nude or white bra, I'd wear it alone.

    yay tasia! Thanks for the awesome shirt!!

  6. Tasia says:

    SO cute!! Your Pendrell is fantastic and looks great on you! Success!

  7. Sarah says:

    I love your pendrell! And that fabric! Is it sheer at all? Did you line it?

  8. Amanda says:

    You look great, as ever! What is the skirt you are wearing in this picture, because that is lovely, too. Did you make that? Have you blogged about it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Patty, Do you ever use a dress form, or do you just fit on yourself? I have many problems with trying to fit myself, you seem to do it so well. Thanks, Pam.

  10. ms. modiste says:

    Love the fabric you chose! So beautiful :)

  11. K.Line says:

    I think the size is PERFECT. I love a fitted blouse too. I will make my next pendrell smaller, fyi.

  12. LAP says:

    That Tina Givens fabric looks so so beautiful on you! I just love it.

    I'm super-psyched for new Colette patterns. Ginger looks like a skirt I can embrace, after feeling ever so meh in regards to Beignet.

  13. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    actually not as weird as you think; beacuse the 70s had a whole 30s revivial thing in the fashion scene! Snuggy Buggy, I am in love with you in that blouse! Srsly you shoud graft a full skirt onto that sucker, because it's BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Sølvi says:

    Ooo -new Colette patterns! Hurrah for that! Your Pendrell looks adorable!

  15. Miss P says:

    On another note, I had written Pendrell off as I'm quite full busted and didn't think it would flatter me. You've totally blown that theory out of the water. It looks amazing on you and that fabric looks lovely with your colouring too.

  16. Miss P says:

    Gah, NEW Colette patterns!! I saw the blouse when Sarai posted about it a couple of months back and fell in love. Are you able to find out any more about when they'll be available???

  17. Jane says:

    It looks lovely Patty, love the wanton shot of you too. I've made two versions without the shoulder ruffles and it works really well. I love this pattern! x

  18. Louise says:

    Very cute, I made my first Pendrell last week and I'm supposed to be doing the Crescent Sewalong but I've already fallen at the first hurdle!! Funnily enough I was thinking of leaving off the cap sleeves and going with just the shoulder ruffle!


  19. dotted lines says:

    I just got the Pendrell today! Your post has me elated – looks like the straight size 16 will fit me fine. I might even do the shoulder ruffles…

  20. Andrea says:

    Very cute blouse! That Ginger skirt looks adorable. I can't wait to see that one sewn up. :)

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