May 9, 2011

So THAT’s what cutoffs look like…

Greetings gators! Today I’m just bringing you a little snippet regarding the sacrifice I recently made to the denim gods. My favorite jeans recently bit the […]
April 19, 2011

Then and now… some summer fun for the kid in me!

Greetings pygmy goats! I think I’m a day late, but I decided to play along with last week’s Sew Weekly challenge “Kidding Around” and make an […]
March 9, 2011

Inadvertent equestrian-wear… Vogue 1034

Evening fillies! Spurred on by the Me-Made-March need for regular, every day clothes as well as Tanit-Isis’ recent denim do’s and don’ts post I decided to […]
February 22, 2011

And out of left field… elastic. Hot Patterns Marrakesh Drawstring Pants

Happy Monday fellow flamingos! Here in Minneapolis we’ve gotten another foot and a half of snow, pretty much ensuring that Minnesota, at least, is entering a […]
February 18, 2011

Pants! Pants! All over the place! Hot Patterns Everyday Pants and Razor Sharp Pants.

Alright duck billed platypies. I’ve more pants for you. These pants are quick and dirty and not pleasant to look at. And unlike the last post […]
February 17, 2011

Fitting trousers (Simplicity 3688). Now we have a nice, pac-man ghost shape….

Sorry for the blogging blackout. I’ve literally spent every spare moment poking myself with pins in an effort to figure out this &(#^&)@ trouser fitting! Must […]
February 11, 2011

To pleat or not to pleat…

I have good news and bad news. The good news is if you’re in the mood for a blog post that meanders aimlessly with no finished […]
February 8, 2011

Why I do not want wear the pants in the family. Snug Bug goes on field trip to the Mall of America.

Alrighty, jackrabbits. First up, old business. Yes, Lady Katza, I’m planning on doing a quickie how-to on making the sweetheart Sencha. And for those who suggested […]
September 4, 2010

Self-Stitched September – Day 4… my first trousers!

Spurred on by my increasingly obvious need for more casual clothing, I went shopping yesterday and picked up a couple of pieces of corduroy for the […]
August 24, 2010

The final pants muslin. Fashion fabric cleared for cutting.

One more muslin and a few more changes and I think I’m ready to start on my first real trousers not made from bedsheets! Here’s the […]