year of the dress

August 16, 2011

The July Dress. Hung Jury. (Colette Macaron with knit yoke)

Greetings bird thugs. You know, Mr. Bug put out a bird feeder to be nice and I think the least you could do is not tease […]
July 2, 2011

The June dress… again. (Claire Cami from Serendipity Studios)

Hey there woeful eyed donkeys with detachable tails! Even though it’s already TWO DAYS into July, I thought I should still add an official entry to […]
June 6, 2011

The May dress… the tribal maxi dress or the Mrs. Roper dress? You decide…

Morning dragonflies! It’s a late, late post today. I spent the weekend obsessing about quilt strips, obsessively cleaning the house and engaging in various other obsessions […]
June 1, 2011

The May dress… the bodice. Mrs. Roper gypsy dress…

Greetings jackalopes. I believe in you. I do. What I find UNbelievable is that evolution and/or the higher-power-of-choice chose to make the antlerless version of bunnies. […]
May 27, 2011

Maxi Dress. Obsession, plotting, muslin #1.

Greetings semi-tame burros of Custer State Park. Next time, we’re bringing carrots. Your big scary teeth are getting way too close to our fingers. Now, will […]
May 6, 2011

The April Dress. Summer of 1995 (McCalls 7523)

Greetings courtneylovebears. I can’t believe you’re ten years older than me. How did we get so old? Oh, sigh. Anyway. I know 1995 was a tough […]
April 1, 2011

The March Dress… Vogue 1027

Evening kittens! I’m reeling from an overdose of Flickr and Pattern Review. I realized the other day that if I just finished one more skirt, I […]