colette spring palette challenge

July 22, 2011

Fall 2011. Plotting, inspiration and color

Morning uniloops! You fierce mythical beasts and stand-ins for D-rings. I’ve been waiting ALL DAY to call you uniloops! Yesterday at the shop Drew, the owners […]
April 14, 2011

The Sound of Music coat (Sew Serendipity Classic Tailored Coat)

Greetings again, pelicans. I’m back. Did you all enter the giveaway? If not, stop reading and go do so! The entries so far have been highly […]
April 8, 2011

Ruffletastic or frilly trainwreck? Muslin of the Anna Sui shirt (Vogue 2850)

Greeting tree dwelling octopuses! Tonight’s post is brought to you by an old Ikea curtain; torn down and forgotten when newer, thicker curtains came to live […]
April 4, 2011

Spring showers and flowers…a mini-wardrobe.

Greetings St. Bernards. Please say you’re St. Bernards; helpful canines with restorative brews in little barrels around your necks. There is a plague upon the snug […]
April 2, 2011

The Lotus Blossom skirt. Finished.

Evening frogs and fellow green friends. I’m back with more finished projects to report on. Tonight’s report is on my Lotus Blossom skirt. A tricky skirt […]
March 26, 2011

The wheatgrass blouse. With topstitching. Another Simplicity 2601.

Welcome back flood repellant manatees. It’s about two degrees above zero here in the frozen land of Minneapolis. Spring is not likely to ever show up. […]
March 2, 2011

An experiment… lotus blossom welt pockets.

Morning assorted sewey sewertons. Today, lacking anything better to blog about, I’m all about process. No finished projects, just documentation of a sewing experiment. I’ve been […]