And here we are. A post that’s all about a little of everything… First off it’s the kick-off day for DIY December (want to know more? Check out this post on A New Vintage Wardrobe!) I’ll keep my DIY December posting to the barest minimum, but lacking anything better, this is what you’re stuck with today… Today’s outfit is mostly RTW (like most of my outfits) with a DIY’d jacket, RTW turtleneck (thrifted! woo hoo! $4.00!), RTW jeans with major at-home surgery to make ‘em not fall off me, and a rather unflattering jodpur effect, what with the kneesocks, baggy jeans and boots…

OK. Now for the rest of the kitchen sink. Really, a nonsensical phrase. The kitchen sink was the first thing we tossed when we redid the kitchen, after all. So here goes…

Holy wearing ease, Kwik Sew…

This is pertaining to a sample-sewing adventure that I’m on. I’m making a dress that shall remain nameless, but I will say that it’s by my recent favorite pattern designer. And I’m making it winter friendly, so I needed a turtleneck to go under it (guesses? guesses? good gravy, I hate when Mr. Bug wants to play guessing games, but I LOVE playing with all y’all!!). I chose Kwik Sew 2900, a basic turtleneck pattern that we had in stock at the shop. One fatal flaw in my plotting (that gets me all the time) was that the cutting layout did NOT take directional patterns into account, so I found myself cutting out a pink and orange stripey turtleneck with, um, not enough fabric for full length sleeves. So I took a page from the Mondo-book and cut the sleeve pieces in two pieces – the upper arm with the stripes in the usual direction, and then the sleeves on the forearm with the stripes going the not-so-usual direction. The pattern was fine, although HUGE! I cut a size XL, and the shoulders are enough for a football player.  To make up for the bad lighting and ginormous fit, I changed my picture taking venue… a little tour of the snug bug nest!

Moving on… a plea for help with reversible zippers…

OK! Now for a plea. I can’t go too much into detail, because of certain holidays and snoopy people out there, but I am adapting a very basic vest pattern to make a reversible vest. Any suggestions on inserting a reversible separating zipper? I was thinking of finishing all seams except the center front, then turning the center front seams and carefully tucking the zipper in between them and sewing. Any better ideas? And Mr. Bug, if you’re reading back off**

**Some people won’t get this, but can I get a yes-yes for certain pacific northwest pattern designers coming in at the nick of time. Do not give me away in the comments. Please see earlier comments re. snoops.


And finally… a shameless plug…

I mentioned this on Facebook, which I realized after the fact was pretty ineffective… I just reached 60 Facebook followers. When I get to 75 I will have an awesome giveaway – so if you’re following here and not there, get on board!


  1. K.Line says:

    Just so you know, I'm one of the 5 people in the world who isn't on facebook, so I can't follow you there – or I would.

    LOVE your living room!!

    I recently cut a stretch pattern fabric (that cowl I keep making, not the grey one I profiled on my blog) against the grain too. Never done that before and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get the pattern easily onto the fabric (there wasn't enough room). Stupidly, it didn't occur to me to switch it around till after I started sewing (and realized the problem). The width and the length were fairly close and the woman folded the fabric against the grain when she cut it in the fabric shop (weird, I realize).

    I usually check these things so I wonder what planet I was on. At any rate, it is SO snug in the boobs it's almost a write off – but not quite :-)

  2. tanitisis says:

    What a shame about the turtleneck! The fabric is so pretty, as is your imaculate living room :).

    I like the idea of a Chantilly or Parfait over a turtleneck for winter. Hmm. Perhaps I should think about making up my Ceylon (finally) for Christmas.

    … /sigh

  3. Laurwyn says:

    I am trying to figure out which Colette pattern you are trying to make winter friendly… Could be the Macaron with long sleeves and a turtle neck? Or the Rooibos. Don't know…

  4. LAP says:

    I really like that scooped jacket neckline with a turtleneck!

    Kwik-Sew patterns are gigantic, and also have huge seam allowances. And you wouldn't know until you try one. Once you're familiar though, I love them and I've used a Kwik-Sew fitted long-sleeve t-shirt pattern as a knit sloper to great pattern drafting success. I love that interlock so very much! Pink + orange = bliss.

    I love clues I can figure out. (wink,wink, nudge,nudge, knowwhatImean?-saynomore)

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