Finally… Parfait completed, modeled, left in a heap in the sewing room…

Not really a heap. Just going to for the shock factor. Good news for Snug Bug readers… I treated myself to a tripod that works… although I think my previous hair clip tripod was ingenious. For whatever reason (akin, I’m sure, to the phenomena that makes computers work when tech support shows up) a lot of the lighting and focus problems that I was having before went away with the new tripod! I still took most of the photos in bad inside light, onaccounta the sun setting at 2:30 p.m. or thereabouts. Hopefully, my photos will be less frightening over the coming months… But enough about that, here’s my finished Parfait. Shockingly, I like the dress and the fabric. More on that (and pictures!) after the jump.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this project started out as a project to sew a sample for the shop. I wanted to sew up something that would work well in the winter, so I chose Colette’s Parfait, because it can be worn as a pinafore over a long-sleeved affair. The fabric is a lightweight corduroy – also chosen to show how the dress works in the cold. We only have a few different cords at the shop, so this was pretty much the only option (the others just didn’t work for me as garment fabric.) I really thought the whole combo was alright, but wouldn’t be awesome. The fabric seemed too child-like and the Parfait hasn’t been a favorite of mine – something about the overall-like straps and bare skin gives me the willies. Now that it’s all done I have to completely disagree with my earlier self. Silly, silly self.  I love the cut of the dress and with a few more tweaks will definitely be making another version. And the fabric seems less goofy and elementary art class and more funky with a 60’s flower-power vibe that I like (it also makes me really want a pair of white go-go boots!) Here’s the shot from the side – this is a bit of an action shot, which makes the skirt flare in the back more than it does at rest.

And here’s the shot from the back – on future versions I’ll add an inch or so of ease to the hip area – this version is a bit more snug than is comfortable and you can see a bit of pulling in the small of my back. A bit more ease should take care of that nicely! Oh, summer tan… how I miss you.

Close up and personal

Once everything was put together and interfaced, the midriff band worked better than I expected! While it’s still not as snug against my ribcage as I’d like, it provides a lot of the definition I had in mind! (Also, hello cleavage! I’m wearing a cleavagey bra today.)

Here’s a close up of the side views and my super fried hair. I need a hair cut! I think the fit is good, although I still wish the middle of the hump part fit closer to the body!

I found some lovely bright pink vintage buttons at a local antique shop for the straps. I love vintage buttons in really vivid colors! A lot of what I find is so muted.

For dessert, a parfait served three ways…

I usually like to show finished garments shown worn three different ways – otherwise, the garment is not versatile enough, right? I felt a little silly doing it for the Parfait, but I’m nothing if not dogged in my determination to stick with an idea that doesn’t work! So here’s the Parfait three ways – there’s the ‘pinafore’ (worn over another shirt – not my favorite look and it doesn’t look like Lucy’s impressed either), my usual go-to look of dress + cardigan = true love and my yearning for summer look of no accessories except for pigs and flips.


So what would I do differently, if only I could? I’m glad you asked! First, as the last step of my alteration process, I added 3” to the skirt pieces (total.) That’s fine for the waist, but as I said above, I’d like a bit more ease about the hips – makes sense, my waist to hip ratio is larger than Colette’s. I also prefer my skirts a bit longer – this one is so flippy it could be a little indecent on a breezy day! There’s also a bit more in the bodice – the back is a little gaping, so I’ll pinch that out and the underarm area seems roomy, so I’ll investigate that as well!

A roundup

Here’s a full round-up of my Parfait posts (thus far…)

Revisiting the Parfait

The Colette Parfait, a muslin

For more notes on the pattern, check out my review on!


  1. ooobop says:

    I've just popped by from Burdastyle after seeing your lovely skirt. This looks amazing on you. I've just ordered a retro pattern and am in search of fabric just like this. Hope Im as successful as you!

  2. Claire (aka Seemane) says:

    Patty I'm loving the dress on you!
    In summer I could soooo see you in the top part of Parfait + added onto the bottom some swishy culottes – to make a comfy but sassy play suit :)!

  3. Alexandra Mason says:

    I think it looks wonderful! I love it with your cardigan, tights and boots!

  4. Sølvi says:

    You look cute as a button! Great fabric choice. Love it. Parfait was the first Colette pattern I stitched up, and I love it, but I agree with you that it runs a bit on the short side. Love your different combos, especially with the cardigan!

    Great work! And congrats on the tripod! :-)

  5. Heather says:

    This is really adorable!! I've had this pattern marinating in my stash since it was released. I think the straps are maybe what stopped me, but I love this on you and love your fabric choice!

  6. Diamond Events by Tiffany says:

    I love it with the sweater!!!! That is how I would wear it as I HATE seeing my arms….even in summer I would have some kind of light weight cardigan. That option also looks slimming to me. Great job!!!!

  7. Andrea says:

    I love it, and it looks great on you! I love the Parfait in theory, and bought the pattern back when it came out, but have been hesitant about sewing it. If I do make it, it'll have to have a shirt underneath at all times for me to feel comfortable in it, but I love the way you styled yours!

  8. stitchywitch says:

    Looks great – so cheerful and fun! It's so funny that you had those thoughts about Parfait, because I wondered the same – but yours might change my mind!

  9. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    Oh Snuggy Buggy you look fabulous in that fabric print. The collete pattern suits you and makes your smaller waist a focal point. I a SO DIGGING the idea of white go-go boots!!!

  10. Laurwyn says:

    I love love love the result. The parfait was one of my least favorite Colette Pattern, but you made it justice! Now I feel like getting it for the summer season…
    I really like the bust alteration process you went through, it was very thorough and interesting.
    In the end, I like the combo dress+cardi the best! That's what I always tend to do too! And this is why I also have way too many cardis!

  11. lazystitching says:

    Oh it worked out so fab! I love it with the colourful tights and boots :)

  12. Sherry says:

    Awesome! Your style is so colourful and bubbly it makes me want to discard all my black fabrics!
    All your looks are brilliant, but maybe the pinafore version needs a top with a polo neck to win you over? Then you can get your go-go boots :)

  13. LAP says:

    LOVE! The seams break up the big flowers in such an awesome way, and you've made me completely reconsider Parfait! I really like the purple as the accent color, so maybe there's a purple cardigan in your future. Oh! Maybe I even have one for you! I was just looking at some shiny white doc martins that would be adorable with this frock. The other way to style this would be with some awesome knee socks..

  14. tanitisis says:

    Ooh, at last!

    It is smashing with the cardigan. I agree the shirt neckline isn't great with it, but I'd still like to see it over a close-fitting turtleneck, in brown or bright pink. ;)

    Good job! I wouldn't've noticed any of the fitting tweaks you mention. (and I suspect that short of glue or underwire the midriff piece is never going to fit quite as snugly as one might like. )

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