Morning kangaroos! Put this in your pouch and smoke it! My mom came to visit this weekend and was forced to hang out in my freezing sewing room (HER opinion, not mine)  while I obsessively worked on my new blue quilt. I have something to show for my efforts! Here’s a nice quilt-top-with-feet picture! (note the feet are wearing stolen Uggs. I don’t even know how he crams his giant feet into my boots, but he does.)

Just in case it’s not obvious, the diagonal black ‘line’ on the quilt is a shadow, not part of the design.

The quilt is a basic strip quilt, just like the one I made for my friend’s wedding gift earlier this year. Not only do I like to keep it simple, but in general I like the look of strip quilts more than traditional pieced quilts.

The fabric is a mix of quilt-weight cotton, silk, denim, wool and upholstery fabric with a bit of leather trim. I wanted a quilt top measuring around 54″ x 54″ so I had to piece most of the strips to stretch them out a bit – I cut selvage to selvage and only two of the fabrics were wider than 54″. I used denim to keep the look cohesive. I ‘pieced’ by overlapping the denim over the strip I was lengthening and zigzagging over the raw edge. I like the look a lot.

I embellished most of the denim ‘patches’ with some super-basic stitching using bright blue pearl cotton yarn.

I really love the colors of this quilt, although the photos aren’t quite as vibrant as in real life. Also, since I LOVE mixing textures in quilts the photos don’t really convey the quilt well. In the photo below the greyish-blue fabric all the way to the left is a very nubby, soft upholstery fabric that’s much more teal in real life, while the polka dot fabric is slippery with velvety dots. When are they going to start making tactile laptop screens??


I’ve already got the pieces for the back cut and pressed and will hopefully assemble tonight, then make my quilt sandwich tomorrow so I can quilt and bind over the long holiday next weekend. I’m super excited to get this finished! Quilting is fun to do every once in a while, but I really don’t love how long it takes to finish projects. Not only that, but I’m anxious to do my mini-living room makeover, and once the quilt is finished, I can actually store away my red and green quilts and swap out the gloomy dark green drapes for nice, bright white ones! This is the intended home for the quilt – the loveseat where Mr. Bug usually nests in the evenings.

In somewhat related news, my little point and shoot Cannon camera is dying a relatively quick death. I’m getting an error message nearly every time I use it that the interwebs report is a ‘fatal error’ – something that needs to be fixed by Cannon and will likely cost as much as a new camera. This is a SUPER bummer as the camera isn’t that old – we got it last winter. I was planning on saving up my pennies too get an entry level DSLR camera next, but am not quite ready, so now have to be creative. Any suggestions from anyone on a good camera, and if we go the DSLR route, lenses, etc. that are necessary? Ugh.

In the meantime, I will be relying on my broken camera in fits and starts and more often, my iPhone camera, which, as you can see from this post takes relatively good photos. It doesn’t do as well in low light (the pictures of our sofas are a bit grainy, right?) and right now I don’t have a way to mount it on my tripod, which will make finished outfit photos difficult. My walking, talking, lawfully wedded tripod is a bit impatient! Oh, sigh. At least it’s the holiday season, there’s a lot of non-tripod, gift related projects that I need to get done… like quilts!


  1. Tabatha says:

    Wowza Chickaroo, that quilt top is awesome! I love your creativity, use of colour and pattern, delicious! When I started quilting, garment creation fell by the way side. Just now enough hours in the day!
    Tabatha recently posted..The Way She Sews ItMy Profile

  2. gMarie says:

    I got a panasonic last year and I love it. It’s point and shoot with DSLR features, so if I ever learn to take a decent photo the camera will grow with me. It has lenses availale, but came with a decent all purpose one.

    quilt looks lovely. Enjoy. g
    gMarie recently posted..Random Thoughts on ThursdayMy Profile

  3. Deb says:

    I have an entry level DSLR, a Canon Rebel Xti. I’ve had it for a couple of years and I’ve learned a ton and I feel like it will take another year or two before I’ve fully exhausted its potential and will want an upgrade. I like a 50mm lens for low -light and I recently bought a Speedlite flash so hopefully I can get some decent shots in the Great Grey of winter in the Pacific Northwest. I would go to your local camera shop And see if there are any used options. Also Christmas often means deals on electronics. Good luck. You will love how the quality of your photography improves so much with better equipment. It’s addicting.

    Oh, and I like the quilt.
    Deb recently posted..Portlanders, Take Heed…My Profile

  4. Corinne says:

    While the garment seamstress puts together a quilt now and then, she will soon discover the artistic expression of her quilting will seep into other aspects of sewing. Ask any quilter. There is a lovely lady in Nova Scotia who is quite the prolific quilter, she calls her finished tops “flimseys,” I love it. Your modern design sense in this quilt has grown since the last one. If you study it, you will see an evolution of your style. I see that you have the white stuff on the ground in this photo, Oh MY!
    Corinne recently posted..The Free-Motion Stitch Library-Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

  5. Sarah says:

    Shouldn’t the camera still be under guarantee?
    Sarah recently posted..HverdagsligMy Profile

    • Cosmos says:

      Check National Camera Exchange for a used point and shoot. Check the prices on an older DSLR, too. It’s a great store with knowledgeable staff.

      I bought a used point and shoot camera there five years ago, it fits my needs.

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