OK folkses. It’s giveaway time! I’m still not up to 75 facebook followers, but in honor of Oliver + S I’m doing it anyway. Here’s the deal.

Who can enter…

everyone. International participation is welcome.

What you will win…

two YARDS of Oliver + S fabric from the City Weekend line. Your choice of interlock knit or cotton woven (actually, they are both cotton). All pretty. You can request the color and pattern and I will do my best to fulfill your wishes, although if we’re out at the shop**, you will have to go with a second choice.


if you’d prefer, your choice of whichever Oliver + S pattern tickles your fancy (refer to note re. availability at the shop**)


starts now (December 8, 2010), ends Friday at midnight CST (December 10, 2010)


For one chance… be a follower of my blog AND Facebook page. If you are not a Facebook user, well, you should be, but I’ll let it slip. For now.

For two chances…join Oliver + S on Facebook

For three chances…if you are already following The Snug Bug and you are already following Oliver + S on Facebook, leave a comment telling me what particular business or type of business you’d like to see as the next dream job installment. Extra (metaphysical) credit if you volunteer yourself!

Entry details…

Leave a comment here telling me what you’re following, your dream job request (if you have one) and your contact information. If you link to your blog and you have contact info there, that’s good enough!

OK, now GO!! And PLEASE, people. Enter three times. I’m super interested in what you’d like to see out of the dream jobs series!

**For those who don’t know… while this is my personal blog, I do have a connection to the creative fiber business world. I work at Sewtropolis, a sewing studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This giveaway  is hosted (funded, conceived, and slaved away on) by me because I love giving stuff away and am not above bribing you to find out what you’d like to read on the blog…although if you’re not a winner but are looking for a source to purchase Oliver + S fabrics, they are available via our Etsy shop.


  1. Celine Perkins says:

    We just met the other day when I stopped in at Sewtropolis. I checked out your blog and you really pull at my dressmaking strings – I started out with garment sewing at a very young age. I have my dream job – designing and publishing quilt patterns. I've enjoyed perusing your previous posts and it was very nice to meet you!

  2. Kate says:

    I had a look through past posts to get me thinking, and I came up with two dream jobs…. First, the life of Candice DeVille AKA Super Kawaii Mama – retro babe, style advisor, blogger, model and mum. Check her out at Superkawaiimama.com.
    Number two is the lovely ladies of 'The Lindy Charm School For Girls'. I thik they still have 'day jobs' but travelling around the country running their Charm School workshops seems like a lovely way to make a living on the side. Find out more at thelindycharmschoolforgirls.com
    I would be grat to see these Aussie girls on your feature.

  3. Tasia says:

    Hi Patty! I follow you here, on Facebook and I just 'joined' Oliver and S on Facebook. Three chances for me! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    For the dream jobs, my favourite part is hearing how people ended up in their dream job – was it by accident, life circumstances, or a wonderful surprise opportunity? Love the series so far!

  4. brittany susan says:

    following your blog and facebook!

  5. Diamond Events by Tiffany says:

    I have followed for awhile and on facebook, too. I also am now following Oliver on facebook. Thanks for the chanve to win.

  6. MJ says:

    I follow you her and on FB and i've been following Oliver + S on FB and their blog as well! :)

    My dream job would actually be to have a farm with lots of animals and gardens and have a little restaurant on the property where we use what we've grown. :)

    mjm417 at gmail dot com

  7. Karen in VA says:

    I now follow your blog, had previously joined you on facebook and just joined Oliver + S. My dream job is a combination of teaching (university level) and consulting. I work in the nonprofit sector and my dream it to do consulting work with smaller nonprofits to make them more efficient and to teach nonprofit management…seriously considering going for a phd in organizational leadership (nonprofit track).

  8. Farah says:

    As for dream job, it would be neat to learn more about the role of the fabric store owner, deciding what fabrics to carry organizing classes. seem like fun!

  9. Farah says:

    and i liked Oliver + s on facebook too. Love their designs/

  10. Farah says:

    I just started following your blog last week – and now i have figured out how to follow you on facebook.

  11. Tiny Dancer Clothing says:

    Hoorah for giveaways!

    I'm already a follower of your blog and was already a fan on Facebook! Just joined Oliver + S on Facebook as well.

    As far as dream jobs go, I would love for my business to be my primary work, rather than just a side project. I design and sew clothing from vintage and recycled fabrics, and I've been selling in brick and mortar stores for a few years and have recently started to venture into the online world. I hope the day comes when that can be my full-time job, and I'd love love love to own a little cozy shop in a pretty downtown area as well.

    Thanks again for your giveaway and your always fun blog!

  12. SewMentalMama says:

    Patty, thanks for this great giveaway. I have used O+S patterns before and find them to be the childrens equivalent of Colette Patterns, well written and illustrated – a sewing class in a pattern!
    I am a follower, but I'm not on Facebook :-( also one of the five!!

    A suggestion for a dream job post – Nancy Langdon fledgeflyingiseasy.blogspot.com she designs childrens clothes for farbenmix.de
    Liesl and Nancy have MY dream job!

  13. lin3arossa says:

    Dream job if I had the money: Sewing/Knitting lounge owner. Without the money: dolmecer for stars or diplomats. But I'd have to go back to school. Oh well, I'll stick with pharmacist/project manager…
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  14. lin3arossa says:

    I follow your blog and let me tell you that you only got me to subscribe to Facebook. Almost. I'm not ready yet…
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  15. Laurwyn says:

    I want three chances! I follow Oliver+S now…

    What kind of business. I have an ideal idea…

    Now, as a prequel, you must know that I have a Master in Psychology but that I cannot work where I live (in The Netherlands) because my Dutch is not good enough (native French speaker) AND there are very few positions available. Therefore, I love working with people that have issues…
    Second, I am passionate about allowing curvier women to feel good in pretty outfits, without compromising for the shape (think H&M potato bags) or price (think Marina Rinaldi). I think that sewing is the perfect solution.
    This is why I would love to create an organization that helps women (curvy or not), men, teens and children that have everyday issues (depression, low self esteem, delinquency, abuse, etc). The concept would be to work in groups or with one person and build a project (based on psychological theories) with a few different steps, taking them to completing a garment (easy or not, depends on what they know about sewing).
    The problem with that is that it would not make money. The only funding would have to come from the government or something. And I think that this is a hard concept to build, especially there is loads of bureaucracy to be done… But it is in a corner of my head!

  16. patti says:

    I already have my dream job, I teach 5th grade. It would be dreamier if I made
    more money.

  17. LAP says:

    Since you already interviewed Nikol, I'd love to have you talk to Trish & Matt from Crafty Planet, or try and connect you with Anna Lee who is the head of Mnfashion.org that organizes Voltage fashion show at First Avenue each year, and is the founder and head of Ruby3 as well. Vanessa Messersmith who is co-owner of Blacklist Vintage (26th & 19th) would be a great interview, and whoever the alterations shop that's connected with Blacklist would also be cool. It'd also be neat to find out how a store like Design Collective or Local Motion picks what they carry from local designers on consignment..

    I follow you both in my Google Reader & Google Connect & Facebook and I "like" Oliver + S on Facebook as well.

  18. Renee says:

    I follow your blog, Facebook and now, Oliver+S. I also follow Sewtropolis (keeping it local since the store is only on the other side of the freeway). I loved your Lady Gray coat!
    I'd like it if you could do a dream job profile on digizing embroidery. The software that's now available makes it all seem so easy and for someone who's slightly OCD, it seems like it could be a heavenly job!

  19. tanitisis says:

    Okay, I'm already a follower here and on facebook, but since I just won Steph's Sharp and Pointy giveaway I don't really need to be included here :). But I did want to second Shasta's idea about a fabric shop. Also, I know there's a few independent fabric designers out there, and I'm curious about how that process works, too. As seamstresses we spend a lot of time complaining about the crappy selection of fabric available to us (at least locally), and I'd be really curious to hear about the *how* and *why* of how the fabric gets to us.

    … which I guess isn't really a dream-job post.

    I can't decide on a dream-job. It was supposed to be Palaeontology. Or writing. Sewing is also super-fun, but I don't know if I'd want to do it for selling (i.e. for other people). I know, right now I'd love to do the graphic-design/line drawings/pattern art for an independent pattern maker. Except, y'know, my drawing's rusty as hell and I have almost zero graphic-design experience. /sigh…

  20. Cathi says:

    Great give-away! I'm already a follower here and on Facebook and just joined Oliver + S
    Mt dream job? To own my own natural fibre fabric store! I'm so tired of finding "linen" fabric that's made of polyester


  21. Shasta says:

    Third time's a charm? Okay, one of the dream jobs I've always been curious about is owning a fabric shop. I'm sure most of us have dreamt about this at some point. How does someone get started? How do you decide between a brick and mortar shop and/or online? Is there any money to be made in a little fabric shop? Or do you end up going broke because you keep it all for yourself?


  22. Shasta says:

    Okay, second entry — I already follow O + S on facebook!

  23. Shasta says:

    EEK — great giveaway! I'm a follower of your blog and on facebook too. Love ya!

  24. Mary H says:

    I love your blog! My dream job would be a graphic designer. I would love to design and work with computers to make printed materials, etc. :-)

  25. beachgirl says:

    I'm also now a follower of your blog and on facebook too.

  26. beachgirl says:

    I found your blog through a post in the Oliver+s forum about the interview with Liesl and must say I was intrigued enough to subscribe in my blog reader. I don't really have a dream job request but am looking forward to going back and reading your archives with that tag!

  27. SewLindaAnn says:

    I have joined Oliver + S on Facebook. (also Liked Snug Bug on Facebook as well). Thanks for the 3rd chance.

  28. SewLindaAnn says:

    I am a Follower of Snug Bug, and I really enjoy it. Thanks!

  29. SewLindaAnn says:

    My dream job would be the Proprietor of a Cafe that was in an old house that I owned of course. I would have a daily menu and be open for lunch only. The rest of the time I would have homemade goods for sale in my vintage style rooms from artists, as well as supplies and vintage finds.

  30. K.Line says:

    Patty – amazing give away!! I'm not on FaceBook (I'm one of the 5 people left in the world) and, while I LOVE your blog, I don't follow any blogs (except my kid's). Just want you to know it's not for lack of appreciation for your great writing or this give away that I'm not entering.

    My dream job, for what it's worth, could go in so many directions. I think it would involve design, definitely interacting with people. Perhaps one day I'll have my own atelier? (And of course, I'll be rich, to boot!)

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