Anyone who avidly reads my blog posts and sporadic comments on other blogs will know that I have a reluctance to assemble my Burda Jenny pattern that borders on pathological (even with excellent suggestions of paper cutters!) So I did the laziest thing possible. I cut out the waistband from the Jenny pattern and made a a franken-Jenny out of the skirt portion of Vogue 8648 (my green wool dress). Not content with going against every single wardrobe recommendation ever printed, I decided my high-waisted pencil skirt would only do in a creamy white, super nubby mystery fabric. Behold!

The main difference between the real Jenny and this skirt is that the shaping comes from princess lines rather than Jenny’s darts. My dart-sewing skill leaves something to be desired, and even if I was the most excellent dart-sewer in the universe, I’m not sure that darts provide enough opportunity to make a pencil skirt that skims over my various lumps and bumps and stays on the right side of frumpy.

The waist band for the Jenny skirt is shaped slightly concave, so that the top and bottom of the waistband are the same length, and the center of the waistband is slightly smaller. I cut the waistband as drafted, but ended up taking in the top of the waistband significantly, which makes sense, since my ribcage is smaller than my waist. Hello Weeble. My name is pear…

I added a vent using The Cupcake Goddess tutorial for adding a vent to a skirt and lining. There’s something up with the vent, though. I’m starting to suspect that I cut the lining backwards and sewed it in anyway. I’ll have to investigate further. I know it seems like that’s something that should be easy to figure out, but seriously, vents and linings are slightly less confusing than subjugating verbs was in college Latin classes. What’s a gerund again?

Last tidbit – the fabric is a cotton blend and came from the upholstery section. I lined with rayon (oooo!!! silky!) and finished the lining hem with some bright orange hem lace. The zipper is just centered in the back and I put in by hand. My favorite way!

I will leave you with a bunch of photos. Belt, no belt. Boots, pumps. Cardigans, long shirts, tucked in shirts…

I love seeing pictures of finished garments! I’m not sure which version is my favorite. What’s your vote?

Also, I really AM TRYING to get away from mirror pictures, but I can’t get my camera (a Canon Powershot)to focus when I have it on self-timer (usually I focus by pressing the button down half way,) and when Mr. Bug takes photos of me, it’s as awkward for both of us as a junior high date. Advice, anyone?


  1. […] piece of green 21-wale corduroy with cherries printed all over it. I plan to make it into another hybrid Jenny. So of course I need a shirt to go with this skirt, which, lets face it, will probably be a fall […]

  2. lizajane says:

    I love the texture and the color. I like the last one as well, but it does look good with boots.
    Awkward as a junior high date– yes, that's exactly how it is! My husband takes my photos, too. I'd love to pose a little more, be a little more daring but every time I try to be more "fashion-y" I hear a snicker from behind the camera and I'm instantly embarrassed. I'll have a tripod one day.

  3. Tasia says:

    Cute! I like the last outfit the best – tucked in with the yellow!
    My tips for self-timed photos? Take lots, because most of them will be awkward! I take a ton.. and when I think I'm done, I take a few more just for fun. Usually the 'just for fun' ones are the best 'cause I'm more relaxed.

  4. K.Line says:

    It's really hard to choose but I think I prefer the 2 right most looks. No doubt, you are the best-dressed woman in your neighbourhood. Every day you are profiling another gorgeous creation!

  5. Angela says:

    Oo… it looks fantastic on you! I love it paired with the blue polka dot cardigan! My self-timer shots are really fidgety, too, and I take lots of them and choose the best one. :P

  6. denise says:

    I love the yellow blouse, too!

  7. Laurwyn says:

    I'm a lucky bunny, my Mister is a photograph for concerts (and it became his evening passion side of life). That is why I am used to have to pose when he takes pictures…
    Anyway, back to your skirt. I love it! I have been touching the idea that I should give pencil skirts another try (the 2 previous attempts have failed). If you have tips for curvier girls, I am all ears!

  8. Suemarie says:

    Cute! I like it best with a belt, esp number 4.

  9. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    Wooohoo! You look fabulous! I have the hubby take pictures, he was awkward at first, now it's all cool. He likes credit on the blog =-}

  10. Andrea says:

    Your skirt is fabulous! I love it with the polka dots, but it looks great with that shade of yellow in your blouse. :) Great job.

  11. Andrea says:

    I think I like it with the polka dot top best.

  12. Tilly says:

    Ooh lovely, very Coco Chanel. It looks great in all those combos, but I particularly like it with the long-sleeved yellow top over the top (first in your line up of five pics). Nice work!

    I made a muslin of my first ever Jenny yesterday – took ages.

  13. jaimesews says:

    Glad to know having hubby take the picture is awkward for everyone else too. I have a tripod and use my dress form for a focus point. Then have plenty of time to move it out of the way and pose…Works for now! :)

  14. tanitisis says:

    Do you make sure your hand (or body) isn't in front of the camera when you press the button for the self timer? I've done that a few times and it ends up going with the focus 2 inches in front of the camera. Alternatively, if the wall behind you is much further away than you will be in the photo, it may set itself to focus on the wall rather than you. At least, that's how my camera does it.

    I'm a big fan of frankenpatterning myself, and I actually like the idea of a princess-seam pencil skirt better than a darted one, so I won't give you crap over your pattern-printout-ophobia… this time! ;). It looks delish, and I love your choice of fabric, too. I can just see it with a little cropped chanel-style blazer (I have a thing for blazers… one of these days I'll even actually make one!)

  15. LAP says:

    I like all of these looks! I really love the tucked in shirts with a belt over the skirt, and the cardigan open. I never would've guessed that was upholstery material, it looks like awesome fluffy boucle! I'd love to see you pair a bright tank or shell tucked in with the belted skirt and your polka dot cardi open. It's great how different it feels when you switch from heels to boots too! I love the frankenskirt pattern, especially since that's what I cobbled together for Elizabeth's works in progress.

    I think the photo solution is for both you and Mr.Bug to assume ridiculous characters that only come out for garment shoots. Silly can make awkward into ridiculously fun!

    I can never figure out a neat back vent, so I always put a box pleat in back instead. I hate slits because they so often tear..

  16. flyskim says:

    I think all of the above outfits are great, but I like the ends the best. Got to love a skirt that generates so many outfits.

    I also have a Canon PowerShot. When I'm using the timer, I try to focus the camera on something right next to where I'm going to stand and then center the camera. Which is why I take pictures next to the plant stand all the time. Seems to work, particularly because if the husband had to take the 20 shots of me that I need to find one that doesn't make me cringe, he'd regret marrying me in the first place.

  17. Karen in VA says:

    I have to be different, my favorite is the one with the polka dot cardigan, my second favorite is the one on the far right. However you wear it, the skirt is very nice….

  18. Elle says:

    The leftmost pic is my favorite too. Seems a bit more balanced. Love the wide belt, and the nubby upholstery fabric, too!

    I have the same camera, but don't have any problems with the self timer and focusing. That's what I do, with a tripod. Because those junior high dates with the hubs are just too awkward. :P

  19. Joy says:

    He, my 10 year old takes my photos and I PAY him, which makes both of us happy. Since he spent his SSS money, he told me he's excited for the next self-stitched month.

    I really like the upholstery fabric choice for that skirt. Texture makes it smooth, if that makes sense. I like the leftmost photo best. And it is fun to see the photo lineup.

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