Morning penguins and other devoted feather footed friends. Sorry for the radio silence. I have been completely absorbed in making my first pair of jeans. Also, serger lust has me in it’s meaty grip and I’m excitedly waiting for a possible tax-refund-financed purchase of a low-end Janome serger to come live with me. Perhaps I should say ‘campaigning’ rather than ‘excitedly waiting’… I’ll wear Mr. Bug down and smother him in nicely serged running pants…

I have finished my first pair of jeans, and I’ll do a full post sometime this weekend if I can manage to take photos. In the meantime, I thought I’d take the lazy blogger’s option and do an update of Me Made March pictures. I’m finding this month just as difficult as Self Stitched September, what with the monotony and the love of some of my RTW items – you’ll see that I’m certainly not making it to all handmade on most days. And I’ll never get there – I don’t like sewing tank tops, yet I wear them all the time, and I dearly love my acrylic cardigans from various mall shops! Also, leggings. Like I’d ever make those! Here’s the photos, and after the jump, the scorecard…



First row – left to right…

[March 5th] Sencha, RTW jeans (Lane Bryant?), but altered to fit! (cheating, I know…)

[March 6th] Cherry cord skirt (oops! I never blogged about that!), old navy tank, ratty, worn to death New York & Co sweater

[March 7th] Marrakesh pants, old navy tank, Michael Kors/Macy’s sweater. And Uggs. This was late in the night and I was sewing – I’d had a me-made shirt on earlier, but changed out of it for trying on jeans and seeing the waistband easier…

[March 8th] Vogue 1034 practice pants. Ridiculous ruffled shirt from Coldwater Creek. I still want a pony.

Second row – left to right

[March 9th] Weekender cabana shirt, another pair of altered RTW jeans (I have two of the exact same jeans, lame, no?). Also, this is a staged photo. I couldn’t find my camera on this day. Nothing to strike panic into the heart of a undisciplined sewing blogger than loss of a camera. Does a project count if we don’t photograph it for the masses to see? I didn’t think so…

[March 10th] Ah! The brocade dress  makes it’s first appearance (oops! pre-blog, it’s Simplicity 3799. Click here to check out my post). Normally, it’s a bit difficult to pull off shiny orange brocade during the day. But for the me-madenessess of it, I will try. Grey leggings from Target, Belt from Torrid, Boots from Avenue and stupid sweater with no backside from Nine West/Macy’s

[March 10th bonus picture!] I snapped a shot of me wearing my me-made apron while I was making dinner. The brocade and 50’s style apron go well together, don’t they?

[March 11th] Jeans! Jeans! I made jeans! To be blogged soon. Also, sencha with the sweetheart neckline. And orange silk wedding shoes! This was what I wore to work.

Bottom row, left to right

[March 11th bonus] I went out with the girls last night. Here, sailor meets urban commando. Marrakesh pants worn scrunched up, another Weekender cabana shirt (alas, worn so much it’s starting to pill. Stupid cheap jersey.) and another pair of boots from Avenue. Ooooooo… also, new scarf! From Anthropologie! It’s gauzy wool! I love it!

[March 11th bonus-bonus] It was (sort of) warm enough to wear my lady grey! Yay!

And with that, I will sign out. It’s Saturday, I have the day off and after morning chores (sweeping, not milking cows) I will settle down in the sewing room. Project to be determined…


  1. ~ Hannah ~ says:

    These are so absolutely fantastic! Loving all your springs colors and styles… what an inspiration. =)

  2. LAP says:

    I've had some luck at Mill End finding nice odd knits, and I've found some super soft rayon lycra in the knit aisle at SR, but it takes some digging sometimes.

  3. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Laura! It's not so much the making of the leggings, as the sourcing of material – I've never found a knit I liked that much! Now, if I came across a bolt of soft, thin cable-knit….

  4. LAP says:

    But leggings are so fun to make! Super fast instant gratification. It was so fun to see you Friday, and I've been dreaming of the coral wool since then as well. I may be in today to nab me some.

  5. Susan says:

    Great Me-Made looks so far. I really need to make my Sencha pattern up soon.

  6. Jane says:

    Patty, I just love your style!

  7. Tanit-Isis says:

    So stylish! And I love that brocade dress. I am actually contemplating apron-making, as I'm wearing one of my wool circle skirts while doing housework, not a good combination. I think hell may have frozen over, however.

    Sooo excited to hear about the jeans!!!!!

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