Me Made March, springtime amnesia and a not-so-successful sweater restyle…

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March 4, 2011
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March 9, 2011
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Me Made March, springtime amnesia and a not-so-successful sweater restyle…

Evening firedragons! As your eagle eyes have undoubtedly noticed, I’ve set up a little flickr badge in the sidebar to show off my Me-Made-March activity, so I’m not sure how many me-made posts I’ll do. There’s been a lot of chatter on blogs this week about the Me-mades and Self-stitched months. I find it slightly amusing the wildly different viewpoints out there! I, personally, love challenging myself to wear handmade things every day and I like the sidetrip into style blogging that a lot of people take during the month. It makes me feel like I get to know everyone better, seeing what they’re wearing every day! So here’s my first four days of Me-Made…

Is it just me, or do I look abnormally tall in the last picture?

So, like others have mentioned, I’m somewhat mentally kicking myself for thinking Me Made March would be a snap because it’s ‘spring’. I don’t know about the rest of the country (world!) but here in Minneapolis, it was darn cold this week (like, three below zero on the day I wore all white…) and the weatherman is threatening another foot of snow next week. My wardrobe is sorely lacking in warm things and pants that are me-made and I’m sure there will be lots of cheating this month!

Which brings me to the actual point of this post – my previously mentioned sweater restyle fail! I am speaking of the green sweater in the last photo on the right. This is my first attempt at remaking a thrift store sweater into something I like. I went a bit crazy trimming width from the sweater and ended up with something that I originally set aside, thinking that perhaps I could used some scraps for another project (it’s 100% cashmere!) This morning when I was deciding what to wear and dreading the cold, I decided to take the sweater out of hiding for the month!

I realized that I had never downloaded the before pictures from my camera, so behold the starting point…

While I really like the color (are all readheads partial to dark green?), my first mis-step was in going with the three button henley style of sweater. This caused a lot of trouble when trying to decide how to restyle in a cardigan way.

The Me-made picture really does the sweater more justice than it deserves. Here’s a close-up of the front.

Ah yes, much better. Travesty much more clear. First, I cut a sort of V-shaped neckline, which is alright but isn’t my favorite. The worst part of the sweater is that I trimmed below the bustline and reattached the bottom of the sweater, flipping it so the ribbing that had been at the hem was now right under my bust. I had envisioned it as a sort of waistband, and then I wanted to make the bottom a bit more flouncy and peplum-like. Unfortunately, I made the below-bust cut much too high and if I don’t tie it shut, it lays more over my bust than under it. And there’s nothing I hate more than seeing a big horizontal line right across my bust! The other thing I’m not super fond of is the lettuce edging. It’s alright, and works in some cases, but is a bit more than I really like on my cardigans. Here’s a picture from the back -

Ewwww… look how puckered that seam is going right across my back!

Ah well. I pulled the sweater out anyway and tacked a few pieces of trim to the front so I could tie it shut. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever worn, and it IS soft. I’ll keep it around to help out with the Me-Madeness this month, but then will likely relegate this back to the rag bag! Funny what outfits these challenge months bring out of me!