Just a quick update – here’s my month of Me Made March so far! – just a snapshot. I’ve been busy working on new projects – check out the coat from the 21st! Brand new, wool and silk. So lovely… not sure on the buttons yet…



  1. Jodie says:

    I LOVE your personal sense of style…it makes me want to re-vamp my very conservative closet!

  2. Laurwyn says:

    I actually like the buttons, but if you want other ideas, I think that flower/vintage/transluscent/kindof/buttons would look pretty.

  3. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Caroline – welcome!

    Laura – that is TOTALLY what I was thinking, but I ran out of steam and found enough coordinating buttons in my vintage stash to go with black. I think it's too stark, though – it makes the coat all about the buttons. Also, you can't see in the little picture, but there's a LOT of cream/white topstitching and the lining is grey and celery silk – the black buttons are a bit much…. I'm just so lazy! I think whatever I do will be decorative and I'll insert snaps for the actual closing – I'd like to go with larger buttons and my 1 step buttonholer can't do much larger than 1" buttons. I wish I could make buttonholes by hand that actually look nice!

  4. LAP says:

    I love the collar on that coat especially! I do like the buttons, but also think fabric covered buttons (maybe with the plastic ring embellishment?) would be polished and classic as well. The line of the coat is so great, I love how it shows off the skirt at the front.

  5. Caroline says:

    Just found your site and I love it. Makes me want to go sew something for myself!

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