Alrighty… earlier this week I groused about the early sunsets cramping my picture taking style and I may have mentioned something about low light, home-made movies… just wait ‘till after the jump…

I made my second pair of bloomers – these ones are actually meant for me to wear! I altered the pattern a bit and sewed this version up in a knit (BTW… bloomers work well in knits, too!) The fabric is from the same Oliver + S line that I used for the pink ones… just yellow and stretchy!

I raised the waistband about 4” by slashing horizontally right above the hip notches and adding some wax paper (marked in pink below.) I also graded the pattern up horizontally by about 3” total by adding .75” to each pattern piece (marked in green below.) A note on the pattern sizing – my hips and waist are about 3” larger than the Colette size 18 measurements. BUT the pattern printed out a little on the small side – the test patch was 3.75 x 3.75”, not 4 x 4” like it should have been. So for anyone working through the pattern alterations in their head, I hope that’s helpful.

The pattern pieces are totally rocking the granny-panties look, no? The extra length on the waist looks a little ridiculous, but what with the idiosyncrasies of the human body, the finished garment looks just the way I wanted it to look! Here’ is a heavily Photoshopped shot – enough vintage lighting and I will look like a supermodel, right?

Mini-bloomers… the final analysis…

  1. Serging is your friend
  2. They are SUPER low cut, so if you’re like me, a few inches to the waistline might make ‘em more comfy for you!
  3. Mini-bloomers in knits are EXTRA comfy!
  4. Be sure to measure your test square!
  5. To make it extra easy, edge finish the leg openings and waistband BEFORE sewing the sides together – always easier to sew flat!


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  3. Heather says:

    Love these! I think when I make mine up I will make similar adjustments since I'm about your same size/shape.

    To K.Line: I atually have a foot that goes on my serger that stretches the elastic as it feeds into it. Once it's all stiched you have a very uniform elastic band. Very handy when sewing panties!

  4. Angela says:

    How fun are those!! Very cute!

  5. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Jill – glad you got the invite! I found IE to be a bit of a pain as well. I did most of the set up (of the boards and stuff) in Firefox, once I got everything set up, I can surf in IE – but any editing to boards, etc., will def work better in Firefox!

  6. Jill/laughbutnotloudly says:

    Thanks so much for the pinterest invitation! I signed up as soon as I got it. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time yet to figure out how to do anything. I think internet explorer might be causing some problems.

  7. Elle says:

    Thanks for the alteration pics! I've been thinking about making these, but will definitely raise the waistline, too!

  8. K.Line says:

    Oh, got it. I think there's a way to actually use differential feed on the serger to attach the elastic (I have a serger book that complicatedly refers to this). But you really have to be sure you know what you're doing, or there's some fabric in the garbage :-) Needless to say, as a serger newbie, I haven't tried it.

  9. tanitisis says:

    In a knit—brilliant! And cozy!

  10. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  11. Laurwyn says:

    I am actually making some for my cousins, aunt and friends, well, the ones that have sent me their measurements. This Christmas will be Bloomers madness. I love your Christmas tree idea by the way!
    I will most certainly use your alteration for my aunt and me (higher waist).

  12. [patty the snug bug] says:

    K-Line – OK – first, I actually used my sewing machine for the entire yellow pair (I was sewing at home, not work, so no serger!) It went MUCH faster when I did the pink ones on the serger! Also – I just did the main seams with the serger – I still sewed the elastic casings (on both) with my sewing machine! I'm really a serger dunce and will likely cut off my finger using it WAY before I can do anything more advanced on it!

    Laura – I just followed the pattern! Sew a line 1/2 inch from the edge, then 3 more lines 3/8" apart from each other – then thread 2 pieces of quarter inch elastic through the little channels. I think the waistband is SO AWESOME!! It just looks so much nicer than my usual fold-over with 3/4" elastic…

    And NO! I think these would be awesome gifts! They're quick and easy and sized a little more simply (with the close to RTW XS-XL)! Cute gifts! i also think it'd be cute to print out super small (or just freehand draw) and make christmas tree ornaments out them…I have christmas trees and red ticking on the brain!

  13. Tasia says:

    So cute – I'd probably add extra to the rise like you did, I quite like the look of them! Love the yellow and the knit looks super comfy!

  14. LAP says:

    Would it be weird to make bloomers for my sisters & girlfriends for Christmas? It seems like a great way to help destash..

  15. LAP says:

    Super cute! I love the higher waist! I'd love more details on the elastic as well, it looks like you did a casing with two rolls of elastic at the waist? Or maybe you just followed the pattern and I should just read it.

  16. K.Line says:

    They do look adorable on you! I'd love a tutorial, when you have a chance, on how to use elastic with your serger – do you change the differential feed? How much? Do you pull the elastic?

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