Greetings gorillas! I’m back with more non-sewing news. Today I’m all about craigslist. Actually, this week I’ve been all about craigslist. Mr. Bug and I spent a very satisfying Saturday tooling around Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs picking up battered furniture to stuff into the 1800 extra square feet that we will shortly be acquiring.

Since last Thursday we’ve spent a grand total of $508 dollars on 4 cushy chairs, one farm table, 4 dining chairs, a console table and tonight’s grand prize of a giant dresser-slash-sideboard. Behold.

I could hardly HARDLY believe when this lovely popped up on my iPhone last night. I was so excited I could barely manage my email. Is it weird that my initial ‘inquiry’ to the seller was just a long string of “i want it! can i come now? is it too late? me! me! me!”?

Thanks to my recently download CraigsPro+ and its handy alerts I was #1 in line and Mr. Bug and I picked up the…. dresser?… tonight after work. It’s giant – over six feet long  – completely solid wood with no rickety anything and in dire need of a refinishing or paint job. There’s three lovely drawers behind those doors on the right side.

You can see how dinged up it is in this photo. I’m thinking this will be perfect in Mr. Bug’s new ‘game room.’ He specifically requested a place to put snacks for poker playing pokermaniacs. I also think this would make a nice dresser for actual clothing. Mostly because I think all those little drawers would make a lovely spot for the stashing of my growing collection of cheap bracelets.

Did I mention this was only $30? I’ve been interested in checking out the Annie Sloan chalk paint all the home design bloggers seem to be in love with – here’s a perfect example of a before and after/redo from one of my favorite design blogs – My Sweet Savannah. Mmmmmmm…. white paint.

I also snapped this photo of some of the chairs we got over the weekend.

Goodness, our garage is PACKED to the gills!

I really, really love the pink chair! Isn’t it adorable? I got a matched set for $110 – a bit on the steep side, but I loved the shape, the legs and that they’re comfy but relatively small. The green wing chair is another half of a matched set. I really don’t care for that minty color, but I was super STOKED because the green fabric is actually a SLIPCOVER – the owner had them custom made, so it’ll be SUPER easy to make up a set of slipcovers in a color that I love – white linen comes to mind. The wing chairs were only $50 for the pair. A nice college girl was selling ‘em for her moms who didn’t know how to use craigslist so I scored a great price. College girl obviously HATED the chairs and priced them accordingly!

So that’s my life lately – we’re trying to stock up well-priced furniture now that we know will come in handy once we get to Texas. Every single piece that we’ve purchased requires refinishing, reupholstering or slipcovering with the exception of a Pottery Barn console table we got for the foyer. Our thought is that by buying THIS furniture used, not only do we get fun projects, but we get better-quality stuff than we’d like to pay for new AND we can preserve the bulk of our furniture budget for the things that we really DO want new – beds and sofas come to mind.

So… any advice on the making of slipcovers? I’ve done it before, but used a draping method that really doesn’t bear repeating….


  1. Ruby says:

    This might assist/encourage you with your recovery process:
    She seems to be quite savvy about how best to manage the fabric and achieve stellar results. Actually, it kind of makes ME want to recover something too!
    Best of luck with your projects, moving, etc.

  2. Heather says:

    Oooo, I want both that dresser…thing, and the pink chair! What unique finds.

  3. colleen says:

    Another reason I think Minneapolis is better than Raleigh — much better Craigslist bargains!!!!

    I am a total Annie Sloan junkie and it is worth every penny it costs. You don’t have to prime or sand before painting. Oh, you should it for all your pretty swag!

  4. Charlotte says:

    That “dresser” is definitely a big bargain. A little makeup work and it be back in its former glory.
    Charlotte recently las vegas travel dealsMy Profile

  5. Crystal says:

    How much fun you’ve been having. Making over furniture is one of my other main loves. McCalls 3278 is a slipcover pattern that taught me everything I know about sewing tailored slipcovers. It shows you how to measure, make and sew in custom piping. Those were also the first zippers I learned to sew. Couches and love seats are pretty time consuming, but chairs shouldn’t be too bad. has a “Lazy Girl’s Guide to Sewing Slipcovers” and it has some good information, too.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Yes, I LOVE craigslist! Funny you should say that, because I was just browsing around and found a really nice sofa/loveseat set for $100!!!! OMG! We are planning on selling out couch before we move to our new place, so we are going to have to sell on CL some of our big stuff, and buy once we get to our new place. Oh whyyyy do I have to wait until June?!?!
    Chelsea recently posted..I’ll Be Back Soon, Promise!My Profile

  7. CZEdwards says:

    Since you have slipcovers, it’s easy. Mark seams on inside with regular marker – wing attaches here, line these up, beware of leopard, you get the idea – Apply handy dandy seam ripper to seams. Now you have pattern pieces. Iron them, launder your chosen fabrics then… It’s just a car chase (oops. Genre savvy fail.) Cut, sew, finish.

    • yeah…. I’m not worried so much about covering the chairs that HAVE slipcovers already, its’ the other chairs! I’ll be starting from scratch! Also, I’m not sure if there are rules re. the best way to work with grain when cutting out the pieces – like, using the stretch on the cross-grain to help the covers to fit closer? I thought there might be some secrets of the trade out there!
      Patty The Snug Bug recently posted..My friend CraigMy Profile

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