Alright duck billed platypies. I’ve more pants for you. These pants are quick and dirty and not pleasant to look at. And unlike the last post I don’t have much for you other than pictures. Over the last day I’ve thrown together the Hot Patters Razor Sharp and Everyday pants, and then a hybrid…

First trousers were the Hot Patterns Razor Sharp trousers – I cut between a size 26 up to the hips, then veered to a size 24. For the muslin (a poly wool blend) I taped up the pieces to skip the pockets and I also left off the fly. I give these pants a so-so rating – they have an incredibly angled crotch curve – like an L – and it’s very, very deep in the back. It’s actually quite an odd feeling… here’s a photo of the pattern envelope – all the action shots will be lined up together below. I will say this, though, they are QUITE comfy!

HP 1053 Classix Nouveau Razor-Sharp Pants

After the Razorsharps I went with the Everyday pants. For these I cut a straight size 26 all the way around, suspecting they’d be more fitted. They were, and while the finished (sort of finished) product is too snug on top, I was pleasantly surprised by the cut of the leg. I’d thought they’d be a frumpy not-very-wide-not-very-narrow when in fact, they were more what I was looking for. It has crossed my mind during this pants adventure that due to the grading up to my size, part of what I didn’t like was the huge legs of the wide-legged style. These pants are meant to have a waistband, so you might see a bit of undie lace poking out. Oops! a NSFW post!

HP 1051 Plain & Simple Everyday Pants

For my third try, I laid the Everyday pattern piece over the Razorsharp muslin and recut the legs of the much-larger Razorsharps to the Everyday dimensions. I wasn’t impressed with the result, especially what it did to mash up my hind end! I’m including photos, not only for your edification, but also for my benefit of further study.

So, without any more comments – I mean, what’s there to say? Here’s the lineup… first, the front view.

Hmmm… I’m torn between the everydays and the simplicity for winner on the fronts!

Now the backs…

I don’t even know what to think. The Razorsharps and the Simplicity ‘fit’ better – but have that odd no-butt look! And now the sides…

Hmmm… again, not sure what I think! Except I see here that the everyday leg looks a bit snug on my calf – that’s unexpected!! I probably like the Razorsharp look the best – I don’t like the tapering of Simplicity 3688 and the other two are too snug to decide on. It’s possible that some nice creases could change the look of the the Simplicity trousers in a good way!

What’s next? More fiddling – also, I think I’m going to make Hot Patterns Marrakesh Drawstring pants for the spring challenge – they have a drawstring waist AND a fly and nice little rolly things to hike ‘em up to capri length – perfect for spring gardening – I like to wear cargo-like capris in the garden because I hate kneeling in the dirt with shorts on – it hurts! I assume these will be much easier to fit…

HP 1091 Wong-Singh-Jones Marrakesh Drawstring Pants


  1. […] it’s time for an updated side-by-side! The Razorsharps and Everyday pants, the Simplicity 3688’s and the new drawstring pants. I’m leaving the pleated Simplicity […]

  2. Suemarie says:

    I agree with previous commenters that the Simplicity pants fit best, but maybe rework the leg shape a little bit to match the leg shape of the razorsharps. I also agree with KLine that you should try a vogue pattern. V1003 is a fitting shell that might prove helpful in the long run.

  3. Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood says:

    I am going with Simplicity here, It just really accentuates all the positive things about your figure. The runner up is razorsharp though.

  4. K.Line says:

    One other thing: Have you thought of trying a Vogue pattern to round out this mix? I had good luck with V1166. I mean, I still had to make them 5 times before they looked decent, but they gave good bum and the legs were able to be made more narrow without distorting the line of the upper pant.

  5. tanitisis says:

    Hmm. I agree with kLine that the simplicity fit best—they certainly should after all that tweaking!—but I like the leg line of the narrower, flared pants more. I think you should abandon this pattern business and find out how to add the details you want—more fitted leg or what have you—to the block that already fits. Besides, watching you pattern draft would be so much fun! ;)

  6. Shasta says:

    I think the Simplicity and Razorsharp both look great! You've been such a busy bee! Can you tell me what you think of Hot Patterns patterns? I've been thinking about ordering a couple. Are the pattern instructions good?

  7. Debi says:

    I like the Simplicity pants best hands down. I think it is a real flattering look and they seem to fit the best. I love how you do the side by side comparisons! That is such a great idea!

  8. Sherry says:

    Wow, you've been busy at the machine!
    I think the Simplicity are the best. But – from the side view look how the side seam isn't vertical, that needs fixing somehow.
    I think the Razorsharp are second best, the others just don't seem as flattering.

  9. Karen in VA says:

    I'm so impressed with how many different pants you've sewn up…. Overall, I like the Simplicity pants the best.

  10. Pammie says:

    Did I mention I am a big fan of Kwik Sew slacks and pants?

  11. Pammie says:

    I really like the razorsharps and simplicity equally – you've done a perfect job – me, pants normally fit me no problem -I'm straight from waist down. . . (but I am an upside down triangle meets sometime apple shape) – but my burda sew-along pants didn't fit – and I am really trying to figure out – what the heck!

  12. monkeysocks says:

    I am amazed and really impressed at the effort you are putting it this-I hate buying trousers and cant really imagine trying to make any!

    I like the legs on the everyday ones best apart from the side view. I think I like them because they go in a bit at the knee then flare, which is always a flattering look and makes you look nice and hourglassy. Perhaps if you made them flare more on the back piece from the knee you could avoid the odd "flared at the front, tapered at the back effect".. I think they need a larger size cut through the top to the hip, but then possibly (and I may be way off base here) slightly smaller through the thigh (showing good ass curve, but with a more space in the back crotch area, which is where they look like they dont fit. In fact, now I think you may need the top and hips of the Simplicity down to the crotch seam (as that fits beautifully and looks really well pt together) and the legs of the everyday but with the back flared more. You'd need to do quite a drastic franken pattern between the two, but based on all the fitting malarky you and the cupcake goddess ( have been talking about that seems to be par for the course with trousers!

    I do also like the wider legs, but I do see the potential swamping problem..It would definitely depend on the fabric, if you got something with a really nice drape they would probably look and move better.

    Best of luck!

  13. waikikimum says:

    All round I think the razor sharps are very flattering. You have opened my eyes a little as I never like really wide legs on me and tend to go for the more shaping in the legs but I now see that the wide leg is so much nicer. You have done an amazing job and I admire your perserverence!!!

  14. K.Line says:

    Here's my 2 cents. I think the Simplicity's are the best, all around. In fact, I really like them. You can still tweak things a bit more to get the rounder derriere shape you're looking for. (Or am I high on drugs?) Sorry to be a voice of dissent but I'm not loving the Razorsharps anywhere near as much. And the Everydays might be great, but I agree you'll need to cut them a bit larger to really get a sense of it.

  15. Andrea says:

    I think I like the razorsharps best. Wow, pants are a lot of work.

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