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November 24, 2010
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November 27, 2010
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A pinteresting new way to obsess over Anthro catalogs and silk charmeuse…

Mr. Bug and I brought our Subaru to the spa today in preparation for a two and a half hour drive through literal woods and real-life snow to get to Auntie Marilyn’s house for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Of course, Minneapolis is covered with dreamy Christmas-like snow that’s traveling north, so we’re not sure if we’re going anywhere. Perhaps we’ll be staying home, power-watching Buffy, which I missed the first time around and so far is much better than Twilight. Also, second episode, Buffy had a totally adorable dress (with a bow) on! Holy 90’s tv. Brings me back!

So. Here’s some eye candy in lieu of actual sewing work… who’s on Pinterest? Anyone? Anyone? It’s only the COOLEST THING SINCE iPODS!! For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest is a website sort of like Facebook, mostly like ripping pictures out of magazines and pinning them on the wall behind your sewing table. Once you get your account set up, you can set up as many ‘boards’ as you’d like, add the ‘pin it’ button to your toolbar, then when you see a cool picture on the web, you click the little ‘Pin It’ button to add the picture to your board. I’m still figuring out how to use mine, but here are some of my boards… click to see them a little bigger.

There’s ‘Dwelling’ – pictures of interior designy type stuff that I like…

Then I made one called ‘Clever’ – this is my favorite. These are cool pictures to projects with instructions (anyone recognize the Colette mini-bloomers on the board?) Also – those purple knee highs on the top row? That photo links to a knitting pattern! And see the make-a-bear-from-a-glove pattern?? Wow!

Of course I had to have one called ClothesShoesBags… chock full of mary janes, of course… and honestly, when am I going to get over this obsession with mustard?

And there’s the general, everything is cool board, called, appropriately enough, SnugBug! (anyone notice a repeat from the board I just posted of those anthro boots with the ruffles? I want so bad!)

So… now for the bad news… first off, as I’m sure you will all be salivating to get going on Pinterest asap (if you’re not already), it’s still in beta and is invite-only. You can request an invite, though – I got mine within a day or two. It looks like I can invite up to six people, so if anyone’s interested, drop me a line and I’ll send you an invite – not sure how that will work though!

Also, as usual, everything cool is better on a Mac. I have a PC, Windows 7 and I usually use Internet Explorer 8. Pinterest doesn’t work so great with I.E. – again, it’s in Beta. I broke down and downloaded Firefox so I could do things like edit/add/delete boards. I can still surf and pin easily enough in I.E., though.

Back to the good! In addition to being an excellent way to gather ideas, it’s also very functional – it’s set up to do comparison shopping, so there’s a field to enter a price if you were, say, madly shopping for the perfect silk charmeuse to line your new winter coat. (oooooo… a whole board of silk charmeuse!!) Also, the link for the photo stays with the photo (so it’s a little like a visual bookmarks folder), you can add notes AND you can tag it! The options for sewists are endless. A board for fabrics, one for pencil skirts, another for fitting tutorials… Or, how about this… does anyone else get obsessed with finding the perfect pattern for the next project and endlessly flip from one pattern photo to another (is it just me? please say no…) imagine having all the pattern envelope photos on one board! Oh! The comparisons we can do!

AND! Like I said, it’s like Facebook, or maybe a little like Flickr. Once you get set up, you can ‘repin’ other people’s pins, follow other boards or follow everything a certain user pinned, and ‘like’ other pins. And you get your own ‘webpage,’ so you can link to it from your blog (check out my page here!) OK. Now everyone get an account and come back here with an update in the comments when you’ve got your user name so we can friend each other!

Alright. Back to Buffy. If you’re in the States, enjoy Thanksgiving. If you’re not, I’m so glad we have you to carry on the blogging while we’re busy stuffing ourselves and re-living our teenage angst at overwhelming family gatherings!


  1. koritsimou says:

    I just discovered your blog -I Pinterest! I just love it. I just followed you.

  2. Jill says:

    Just discovered your blog! I'd love a pinterest invite if you still have any! My email address is laughbutnotloudly (at) yahoo (dot) com. Hope you enjoy Buffy! Seasons 2 and 3 are my favorite, but I love Season 1 as well.

  3. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Hey everyone! I think I've invited everyone who asked, but there's now way to double check, so if you're still waiting, let me know!

    And there's still more invites, anyone who still wants one!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any invites left and if so could I have one please? I've just found your site through the Blue Gardenia. Can't wait to see your sewing space. janie.croft(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Gaidig says:

    After seeing it on your blog and on Ysolda Teague's, I totally want into Pinterest. Sounds like just the thing for me, so I won't have to irritate people with random posts of random stuff. If you still have any invites left, I would like one. gaidigt (at) gmail

  6. Elle says:

    Do you have any invites left? I'd love one! You have my email. ;)

  7. Stray says:

    Wow another excuse to virtual shop :p I would love an invite if you still have any :D :x

  8. tanitisis says:

    Haha! I totally thought that was a big ol' typo in the title! Sounds like a nifty site :)

    Have an awesome Thanksgiving and eat some turkey on behalf of those of us who are without ;)

  9. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Emily – are you Emily B*******?? I think I found you, but your blogger and Pinterest pictures are different!!

    Debi and Alana – I sent you invites, let me know how it works! I don't know if you actually get invited, or if it just sends you an email telling you that I WANT you to get invited! Let me know!

    Claire – I can send you an invite too, but need an email!! I didn't see one attached to your blogger profile – let me know here, or send me an email at pattythesnugbug(@) gmail (.) com.

    Laurwyn – tofurky…. mmmmmm…. I've had my share of those! That and the yearly accidental burning down of the garage with the turkey deep fryer are solemn rights of passage…

    OK. Buffy style – I already saw the leopard hoodie! Awesomeness! The dress I loved (with the bow) was SUPER short, with a little box pleat over one thight – – the bow was at the top of the pleat – 'tres 60's. I keep laughing over the very Jennifer Anniston, slightly old lady hair (all those up-do's!) and very sensible 90's square heeled boots. And her jacket is longer than her skirts half the time! One of the episodes we watched last night – she was wearing an adorable pink skirt with cherries. And knee high boots. Yay for Buffy and Netflix on demand!

    And I agree, Giles is the best. And so far Angel is SO MUCH LESS ANNOYING than Edward (I am totally on team Jacob, Edward is such a drag.) I ahve to say there's something about the master I find oddly pleasing as well.

  10. Claire (aka Seemane) says:

    Hi Patty – what a great site-find, thank you for sharing! Can you invite me please :)?

  11. LAP says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the Buffy rollercoaster! My favorite thing about Season One is the joy of Xander Harris.

  12. Laurwyn says:

    Buffy Powaaaaaa! In the first season, she almost only wears short skirts. I must say that my favorite character is Giles. Aaah Anthony S. Head…
    Happy Thanksgiving. We don't have it here, but a good friend is celebrating it (as she's from the US) and it seems like we are having Tofu Turkey :S

  13. lazystitching says:

    ooo… ooo… me, me, me, please. I would love to join pinterest :)
    P.s. go the buffy!

  14. Debi says:

    Ohhhh…I would love to join this site…can you invite me? myhappysewingplace[at]googlemail[dot]com

  15. emily.marie says:

    YES. First season Buffy fashion is awesomely insane. Watch out for the faux leopard furry hoodie, it's amazing. I'm also on Pinterest as emilymarie. Fun, but sometimes I forget it's there… I need some serious Pinterest discipline!

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