Ima gonna join up with folks doing the Self-Stitched-September challenge! Every day in September I’ll wear at least one item that I sewed, knitted or, because I like to set up no-fail scenarios, accessory I crafted in some way (a home-made necklace comes to mind… just for emergency days!)

I think this may be pretty difficult for me. I like to sew more formal clothing, and unless I’m working in an office by the first of September (oh! please let it be so!) I’ll look a little silly cruising around doing morning chores and grocery shopping in a suit, no matter how well sewn it was! This will give me a chance to work on some basics and really pay attention to what’s in my closet and how much I actually wear things! Plus, I DO have a large collection of cami’s that I made this summer. Well, four camis. Maybe more of a mini-collection!!

Here’s to wearing hand-knitted wool socks in unseasonably warm September weather!!

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  1. lazystitching says:

    Yay! Can't wait to see what you come out with :)

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