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September 13, 2011
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September 15, 2011
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Self Stitched September so far…


Greetings you furry legged newts. Do you guys get more fearful as Halloween approaches and the witches need your legs and tails to work on their witchy brews?

Today’s post is a CHEATER post, in that I’ve actually been taking AND editing daily outfit photos, but not getting around to posting them. So let’s do a catch-up shall we? A catchup and a mid-month check-in on how Self Stitched September is going this year…

Since my last daily outfit post was from the 6th, we’ll pick right back up with the next photo I took.

{9.8 | Hawaiian Dots}

The most exciting part of this outfit was that I finally found plain navy sneaks in my size! I’ve been looking ALL SUMMER. Sigh. At least they’ll be hardly worn come next year.

shirt: handmade, blogged here
skirt: handmade, blogged here
ecklace and bracelet: vintage Trifari from my grandmother!

{9.9 | Schoolmarm!}

I felt VERY schoolteacher-esqu in this outfit. In the movie-way. Not in my neighbor who actually IS a schoolteacher and, you know. doesn’t dress like this! I really love the wrapped Crepe-skirt and I forgot how much I like the Pendrell blouse – for some reason I haven’t worn it. Even though it’s so short sleeved, I guess I think of this as a more autumn shirt. It’s probably the colors…

shirt: handmade, blogged here
sweater: New York and Co, bought last year
skirt: handmade, blogged here
necklace: vintage
boots: Avenue, bought last year

Here’s a shot without the sweater…

{9.12 | White after labor day?}

I love a nice pencil skirt! You can’t really see it in the photo, but the skirt is made from a highly textured white fabric that is totally perfect for early fall. Light, but still cozy!

shirt: handmade, blogged here
skirt: handmade, blogged here
sweater: New York & Co.
belt: Torrid, bought last year
boots: Avenue, bought last year
bracelet: vintage necklace

{9.13 | The first truly cool day of fall}

For those of you not in Minneapolis, today was the first truly cool, fall-like day and I dressed accordingly. Over the knee socks. And one of my favorite pattern mixes of tweed and polka dots!

t-shirt: handmade, not blogged
skirt: handmade, then remade, blogged here
sweater: Target, but altered for a better fit. Blogged here.
boots, bracelets: Avenue
scarf: someplace like Marshall’s or TJ Max…

And as far as Self-Stitched September… I’ve been a truant! I’ve pretty much stuck to my pledge of wearing as much handmade as I can. But I haven’t been great about taking photos, and even if they DO get taken, I haven’t posted them anywhere. Ah well, I’m with the rest of all you SSS’ers in spirit…




  1. Janlynn says:

    Wow! As proof that great minds think alike , please see my post
    Same idea, same fabric, different pattern.

    Your skirt looks wonderful on you. Its great that you have made so many of your clothes.

  2. LaUra says:

    I love seeing how smooth the ruffles on the Pendrell lay under a cardigan! It’s one of the features that was making me think it wouldn’t work well in Fall for me, and you have given me pause in adding the Pendrell to my desperate need to tops wardrobe planning..

    I love how cozy and autumnal the pillowcase top looks with your white pencil skirt too! Whodathunk?!
    LaUra recently posted..Froggy Went A Courtin’ DressMy Profile

  3. Shelly says:

    Love what you’ve been wearing, especially the white outfit. Your colour combinations really work it, so chic!
    Shelly recently posted..So far , so goodMy Profile

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