Sewing tour: Crafty Planet… funky fabric, wooly yarn and irreverent stitchery

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May 11, 2011
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May 12, 2011
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Sewing tour: Crafty Planet… funky fabric, wooly yarn and irreverent stitchery

crafty planet

Hoot Hoot! Late post today, but it’s a goodie!! I thought we’d make another stop on the Minneapolis/St. Paul sewing tour… next up Crafty Planet, chock full of fabric, yarn, needlework stuff and the makings for sock monkeys. This is the place to go in the twin cities if you’re on the search for funky fabric or a cross stitch pattern chockfull of profanities! And if you’re NOT in the twin cities, Crafty operates an online store with some of their great fabrics. You’ll note in the photo below that Crafty Planet has the added benefit of being right next door to Rewind, a vintage clothing and accessories shop!!

Let’s look at our trusty map, shall we?? Crafty Planet is located in northeast Minneapolis and is a 10 or 15 minute drive from my house. I’ve marked it with an orange dot below. For those of you not familiar with our fair midwestern realm, I thought I’d mention that I only have marked Minneapolis, St. Paul and the lazy Mississippi in the map. All the white space (and beyond) is the suburbs and not all that different from the city. There are less sidewalks in the suburbs and the streets are winding, treeless, impossible to navigate and make me crazy. When Mr. Bug and I started house shopping, we were agreed that our #1 consideration was that the house had to be located in either Minneapolis or St. Paul. No suburbs. I’d get lost and Mr. Bug wanted the good running routes in the city – we have, like, 876 miles of bike and running paths and a bunch of lakes. AND the river. In any case, Crafty Planet is also located in the city, but on the other side of downtown, so I try not to go there during rush hour!


Take a look at the ‘open’ sign!!

If that doesn’t give you an idea of what the shop is like, perhaps
this stuffed octopus eating a fish does…



The shop carries a whole bunch of great fabric – lots of the super popular
lines like Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman, Michal Miller and Anna Maria Horner.
Most of it is quilt-weight cotton, with a nice helping of home dec weight, voile
and knits. They also have that new Ty Pennington fabric, which I’m totally in love with – there
it is on the middle shelf on the right. It may be on the middle shelf on the left too,
I’m not sure…

They have a TON of Japanese fabric which I love! Just look at it all!!

Let’s take a look up close, shall we?

The real fun is all the funky prints. This is the place in Minneapolis to get your fix of cartoon fabric…

This fabric is a particular favorite of mine. I’m totally going to make a
girly-camo dress to celebrate deer opener this year…

Check out the skull prints! I love that grey one – it has an argyle vibe!


Ribbons and other fun stuff…

There’s a smallish section of trims and things. Small but well-edited!
Cool buttons, pompoms, felt, velvet ribbon and GIANT rick-rack!

A book nook! I had to resist buying the Alabama Chanin book
that I’ve been wanting. I was at the shop on a yarn buying mission…

Indie pattern designers… Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Colette…

The shop samples are adorable!

Fun stuff for kids! That latch hook kit is tempting – I haven’t
done latch hooking (is that a word? latch hooking?) in ages.

The classroom! Isn’t it cheery?


Let’s talk cross-stitchery, shall we?

The cross stitch patterns totally crack me up…


Excuse me sir, have you any wool??

As if playgirl camo fabric and profanity laden cross-stitchery isn’t enough,
there’s also WOOL!! (and cotton, probably some other fibers as well…)
Oh! And also a fine selection of
Sublime Stitching patterns – oooo…
I haven’t done embroidery in a long time either!!

Here’s what I bought… five skeins of of Nashua Creative Focus Worsted
in Blue Pine. (I took that picture on Mr. Bug’s bedside table, I love how white it is!!

Mr. Bug, Lucy and I are headed to Illinois this weekend for the first marathon of the season. I’m planning on knitting up the Miette sweater – a free download from Ravelry! I first saw this on Erika Made It and have been pretty obsessed. I LOVE the color of the yarn I found – it looks blue or green depending on the light and is 75% wool and 25% alpaca. I was hoping to find a wool/cotton blend for the sweater, but wasn’t in love with any of the color options I saw. So wool and alpaca it is…


I snapped a few pictures at Rewind as well – it’s a great shop and PACKED full of clothes, jewelry and accessories.

Isn’t this owl appliqued skirt adorable?? I’ve been thinking of
making a applique or embroidered skirt lately. An owl!

Thanks for hopping on the tour bus!


  1. [patty the snug bug] says:

    Elle – mine is going to be WAY too warm! I was sucked in by the color and went for too heavy yarn. I'd like to knit it from a DK weight, but am not sure how to go about getting gauge… I've got the body done and am stressing out about how to do the arms – DPNs or the magic loop!?? The body was fun to knit – I did the size L with one extra repeat for 2 extra inches. The size is good – snug, but I like snug. I had to rip the bind off at the waist because I just bound off in knit rather than rib and it was too tight. The waist could use a BIT more give – an inch or so. Maybe blocking will help!

    sp-rono, I know, right?

    Alessa! There's SO MUCH of the cool prints there – did you check out their online shop? Do they have any?

    SewTara – Crafty is super fun, isn't it??

  2. SewTara says:

    WOW! Can I come visit!?!?!
    That fabric store is insane!
    I think I'd leave owing them my children and house.
    Wish I lived closer :(

  3. Alessa says:

    Oooh, jealous! I'd love some cartoon fabric that's not canvas weight…

  4. sp-rono says:

    Красота!!! Спасибо!

  5. Elle says:

    Another cute shop! Why do they always seem to not be in my city? I'm knitting that sweater right now! Can't wait to see yours. Mine will be in a cotton/modal blend that is so soft. Of course, it's a lot warmer down in the south. :D

  6. Erika says:

    thanks for the mention! I can't wait to see your sweater.

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