Showdown at the Snug Bug Corral. Battle of the skirts.

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June 1, 2011
{Hawaiian circle skirt!}
June 2, 2011
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Showdown at the Snug Bug Corral. Battle of the skirts.


Greetings tutu-wearing basset hounds! In what is possibly my most narcissistic post yet, today we’ll engage in a tournament style showdown between the 21 skirts (well, skirt-based outfits) worn during the month of May in order to determine the best style skirt for me. We will also have a short discussion on how I wore my ratty not-great-fitting white denim skirt FIVE TIMES last month. Clearly, I’m a girl in love with a short white skirt…


Best in Class

Alrighty, before we start with the main tournament, we need to do a few rounds for some skirts that got worn more than one time. First up…

The white skirt…

Hmmm…Obv, this is a favorite skirt, but I think I’m going to go with skirt #4 from the left as the winner – the white skirt with the cowboy shirt and platform sandals. I like the shoes and how the tied shirt-tails cinch the waist a bit…

Note: if there’s too many words for your taste, you can see which photo wins because I switched the border style to a white border with a drop shadow!!

Blue denim…

Next round, the blue denim skirt. Same pattern as the white skirt, just dark blue denim.

OK… I really like how the cardigan provides some waist definition in the (poorly lit hotel) photo on the right, but I think the stripey shirt is the winner. I like how simple it is…

Japanese bias-cut skirt…

Hmmm… Oh! This blows me away, but I also wore my crazy Japanese fabric a-line skirt TWICE this month! Let’s see which version is better…

This is probably partially how I’m standing, but I really like the look of the skirt with the denim jacket much better! You can see I yanked it up so it’s shorter – better! That, plus the scarf and cropped jacket make me look much less blocky than the photo on the left.

Semi finals!

Whew! Now that THAT’S out of the way, we can move on to the rest of the skirt-off. Here’s how it’ll go. I’ve split the outfits up into the following categories: Straight Skirts, A-Lines, Circle Skirts and Full Skirts. During the semi-finals I’ll pick the best of each category, then there’ll be a CHAMPIONSHIP that YOU will pick (OK, I’ve picked one too…) Perhaps I will only wear the winning skirt style for the month of June. Who knows? Let’s start with

Straight Skirts

Here’s what we have to choose from…

Whew! This is a hard category! This is my favorite skirt style, so it’s hard to choose. Surprisingly, I think I’m going to pick the orange skirt as #1. I’ve been planning on shortening this, but seeing it here I think it makes my legs look longer! I really like the buttoned cardi over tank to give me a waist. Runners up (in order) are the black and white polka dot ensemble in 2nd place, white skirt in third, stripey shirt in 4th and cherries in 5th place, although the cherries totally win for best hair day!

A-Line Skirts

This category is short and sweet. I’m not a fan of a-lines!

The Japanese bias cut skirt is the winner. I like my a-lines shorter, with a more pronounced ‘a’ shape. As I’ve said before ‘round these parts, it’s hard to get the A shape with hips like mine…

Circle Skirts

In this category are circle skirts and dresses. Most of these are full circles, although I think the knit dresses may be half or 3/4 circle skirts.

Hmmm… This is an interesting style. It’s one of my favorites when it comes to dresses, but it’s more problematic with skirts. Like the a-line skirt, I feel like the circle skirt just makes my hips look ginormous. I like wearing ‘em, though! They’re comfy in the summer. As for the winner, I’m torn between the Hawaiian print dress with the white cardi and the black dress. I think I’ll go with the print – I really am getting fond of the skinny belt over the cardi! So in order, first place Hawaiian print with white cardi, 2nd place black dress, third place green sweater and brown skirt, fourth place green and white dress (bad picture!) and fifth place denim jacket with brown skirt.

Full Skirts

The last category is a catch-all for all the other, fuller skirts that aren’t circles!

The first place in this group was a no-brainer. I love the crepe dress! Putting the rest in order was a bit more difficult. I love each outfit in this group for different reasons, but purely in the sense of what I think is the most flattering I think I’ll go with… 1st place crepe dress (upper right), 2nd place summer of 1995 dress (lower left), 3rd place blue tiered dress (lower right) 4th place all in white (upper left).


And now we come to the final round. I’ve picked the best of each style, now we’ll see which style is the best overall. Of course, at this level, they’re ALL the best, right? I’m sure there’s an applicable quote from Best in Show here, somewhere. Anyway, here are the contenders…

Alright tutu-wielding hounds, now it’s up to you. I realized when I was inserting the pictures that I can’t possibly choose. Your vote matters, so leave it in the comments… which style suits me best?

Write-ins not accepted…