A super-duper quick make-up post! New ‘clothes’ for the living room.

The cabana dress (Kwik Sew 3856)
June 21, 2011
Anniversary Dress (ANOTHER Claire Cami Dress!)
June 23, 2011
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A super-duper quick make-up post! New ‘clothes’ for the living room.


Evening narwhals! Here’s a quickie post to make up for my lack of one earlier today! A sneak peek at the makings for a little make-over for our living room! Look how bright and springy!

The oranges and blues will be pillows and the textured white fabric are our new Ikea drapes. Everything’s sitting on our white sofa, with our coffee-with-cream walls as a backdrop. Here’s what’s currently in the room…

Green curtains, white and green pillows and my old red and green quilt. I still love all these, I’m just angsty for a change. Here’s (recycled) room-shots.

006 (1)_thumb[2]

005 (1)_thumb[2]

I’ll probably leave the windowseat cushions alone. For now. They are the perfect mix of cream and black pattern to hide all the hound slobber and fur that ends up on them!

So… any suggestions for cool pillows? I really want to re-use my pillow forms – the rectangles. Although, I suppose I COULD make them into different shapes!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new reveal! Old pattern, new dress.

TTFN, sweet fleshy fishies!


  1. […] two [strip] quilts for my pending living room ‘textile’ rehaul. If you recall, a while ago I posted a few pictures of our new white drapes and a few fabrics to make new pillows in the living room. […]

  2. birdmommy says:

    Threads magazine did some cool things with rectangular pillows – I liked the one where they made an organza (?) 'envelope' to go over another fabric. I can't remember which issue it was though…

  3. two birds says:

    i always love a heart-shaped pillow. but that's the 12-year old girl in me talking! i love your new choices (but i love your current room as well!)

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