The good life dress (Claire Cami from Serendipity Studios)

Morning basset hounds on a time out! You sit quietly for five whole minutes and I’ll consider removing the gentle leader…

Hey! Guess what! I finished an actual dress! During my first week of work! Can you believe that??

Hey! Put that tennis ball down! I said five minutes! I’m extending your time out!

OK. Full disclosure. I didn’t finish this dress this week. I finished it almost a month ago. I almost finished it. It’s been hanging in my sewing nook waiting for topstitching and a hem band since then, which I finally managed to get to last night. It only took an hour or so.

If you could rip your bloodshot basset hound eyeballs away from Mr. Bug’s socks, you might notice that this dress is familiar. It is. I’ve made it before… {click photos to see the original posts for each dress. But be sure to come back here!}


My first version (the gold one with the blue ribbon) has been my favorite up until now. I think I like the dresses a bit shorter. Actually, I had planned on making the red dress without a hem band, but I made it SO short I had to add the hem band so that it would be decent to wear without bloomers! Here’s a slightly awkward, unintentional shot from the back. With a sweater.

OK, as is obvious, I tried a few different ways. I was surprised at how much I liked the dress with a turtleneck over it! I thought it would be too bunchy, but it’s comfy!

This is what I wore to work today. I think I need to stock up on a few more super-cropped cardigans…

And here’s the angel outfit. White turtleneck!

I know it’s just the boots, but I’m feeling like a crime-fighting girl-spy in this outfit!

Oh! And for curious hounds, here are the details…

pattern: The Claire Cami from Serendipity Studios
fabric: 100% organic cotton from Wooster and Prince (order
main fabric online, order contrast fabric online)

Alright… you’ve been good hounds. Time out’s over.





  1. you are adorable, love this dress!!

  2. Miranda says:

    I bought the exact fabric today to make this dress (and also the Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Peony like your circle skirt to make myself a skirt!). Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Jen S. says:

    I love love love this dress!! Every versions of it :) I was wondering what pattern it is though, I tried and tried to find it on your blog and I suppose I am blind but I jsut can’t find it. I would love to make one immediately :) thanks!

  4. cindy says:

    Very tempted to buy this pattern! I was thinking of the Burdastyle Aida pattern too. It has short kimono sleeves. Do you think it would work with a silk? I have a gorgeous silk print that would need to be lined. Love to hear your thoughts since you are the expert in this particular pattern! All your versions are adorable!
    cindy recently posted..Back to Sewing: Sorbetto Top by Colette PatternsMy Profile

  5. Miranda says:

    Absolutely love the red one and it looks great on you! I have this pattern and wish I could drop everything to go make one.

  6. Tilly says:

    These are GORGEOUS! Love all your versions. So colourful and lovely. What kind of weight is the fabric? Looks like a lovely way to show off pretty prints, but dare I ask whether it works with quilting cottons?

  7. […] again, Patty has sewn a dress that makes me ache with object lust. AND she shows five fabulous ways to style it. She’s basically my […]

  8. Sara Upshaw says:

    Stop trying to convince me to buy this pattern! I don’t need any more dress patterns. It’s so great on you! And, btw, I get so excited when I see you have a new blog post. You’re blog always makes me smile. :)
    Sara Upshaw recently posted..Update About a Need to UpdateMy Profile

  9. Barbara says:

    Easily my favorite of the bunch! What is the fabric? It’s fabulous!!
    Barbara recently posted..Ready for EgyptMy Profile

  10. Olive Deane says:

    Oh, so cute. I’m working on a Claire Cami top now all because of you, Snug Bug. I just love the way you combine prints and fabrics and I’m working up my courage to be more adventurous like you. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Olive Deane recently posted..Fabric Road TripMy Profile

  11. Andrea says:

    I love the fabric combos you used for all four of your Claire Camis! (I just finished my fourth one too!) You’re right — it does look great with a turtleneck over the top, too, which is not something I would have thought to try!
    Andrea recently posted..Another finished project!My Profile

  12. LaUra says:

    This might be my favorite version! I just love that color on you, and it seems like this dress with transition fabulously into Fall. I love it with the turtleneck too, and of course, the boots. I wore my AB Claire Cami Thursday with my red cowboy boots. I keep wearing boots with summer dresses so it will feel more like Fall. Yesterday my feet were hot tho’

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! My curiosity is finally satisfied!
    LaUra recently posted..A tale of two dirndlsMy Profile

  13. Sandy says:

    Very cute with the cardigan!
    Sandy recently posted..I a bit of a rant …My Profile

  14. Shelly says:

    Cute dress! They all look wonderful but I like the red version the best. It just speaks to me. Looks good with the black polo too!
    Shelly recently posted..Help! My first muslin!My Profile

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