The Little Black Skirt (Burdastyle Jenny #6058)

Good morning carnivorous plants! I’ve actually got a REVEAL post today, although it is a cheater reveal and nearly two months overdue! So let’s cut the small talk and get down to business, shall we? What I’ve got for you today is a black wool skirt. I know, super exciting, right? Here it is – the Burda Jenny. Everyone’s favorite high-waisted skirt…

The Jenny skirt is a basic skirt with front and back darts and a fairly high, shaped waistband. I have a few variations in my closet already, but they weren’t actually Jenny’s at all, as I used a princess seamed skirt as the base and just added on the Jenny waistband. I figured it was FINALLY time for me to properly start from scratch and grade up the Jenny skirt. I had to make quite a few little adjustments, as is usual with fitting a garment with such simple lines, but I really like the end product. I took a lot of snapshots along the way, so I’ll throw those into a post in a day or two for those of you who are interested in the mechanics. In the meantime, the technical drawing and a link to the pattern download page…

{the Jenny skirt | Burdastyle 6058}

It goes without saying that a basic black skirt is versatile to the nth degree. I used a black wool suiting that’s suitable drapey and responsive to pressing. One of my favorite details on the skirt is the decorative understitching on the top of the waistband. Of course, it’s nearly undetectable to the naked Cannon point and shoot, but I took a picture anyway…

I lined the skirt with grey rayon – the Ambience stuff that everyone loves. It DOES feel nice to wear, but it’s so annoying to work with! If I didn’t have a serger, it would bring me to tears!

Mmmmm…wrinkly. I believe I took these photos after a day of wearing! I hemmed the lining with the serger – set to a rolled hem. I also used the super-cheater way of  ‘lining’ the kick pleat that I stole from the Hot Patterns 24/7 Plain and Simple Pencil skirt…. just don’t line it at all!

By the way, the Jenny skirt doesn’t have a kick pleat. I added that, too.

You can see that I was SUPER lazy – I had grey thread in the serger to hem the lining, and I didn’t even switch it out and used it on a bit of the inside skirt finishing as well! That thread certainly shows up, doesn’t it? I serged the hem, turned up and used a hand catch-stitch to do the actual hemming. I was amazed at how well I could ‘hide’ the teeny little catch stitches, since this fabric is fairly flat and smooth. I really love working with wool!

Hmmmmmm…. I did a few outfit posts, even though it’s not really necessary, since we all have some ideas about how to style a black wool skirt… but here they are!

First up, the tucked in version. I still go back and forth over wearing such a high waistline while sporting a full, polka dotted bust, but in the end, this is a silhouette that I really like on me!


Here, it’s pretending to be a full on dress! Last year I made a version of my lotus flower skirt from the same piece of fabric, along with a little black shell. The lotus flower skirt turned out to be a bit short for wearing in real life. At least, wearing to work and things, but I like the Jenny version with the shell with a nice wide belt. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to see, since it’s all black. Also, I noticed the lighting in these photos has a bit of a taken-in-the-middle-of-the-night-in-the-basement vibe. I totally meant to do that….

And here, we get to the long overdue and therefore slightly cheating part of this post! You’ve actually seen this skirt before, as I used it in December to work through some issues I was having with belting versus tucking! I just never got around to posting the reveal of the SKIRT when I finished it. Oh, sigh. Here’s a sweater, belted picture from that original post. I do love me some coral!

And with that, we’ve finished another reveal post. You may return to your flirting with the houseflies to lure them into your vegetative, murderous clutches!


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  2. Wonderful skirt! I have longed to make the Jenny, but as I’m a 48/50 in Burda sizes and am a novice sewist who has never properly graded anything up, well… However, this is an inspiration and I may well have a go. I have a RTW black wool skirt very similar to the Jenny, so perhaps I’ll try it in a different fabric for spring. I love your pairing with the hot pink top and the skinny belt. Very chic!
    Mommy en France recently posted..Knitting, knitting and more knitting…My Profile

  3. Patricia says:

    That is a lovely skirt and I like the added kick pleat. I always consider black skirts as the safest color to pair with a variety of blouses. I admire your creativity.
    Patricia recently posted..DTS HomeMy Profile

  4. Faye Lewis says:

    Your skirt is wonderful, belted or not. It’s ironic that you posted about this skirt TODAY, when I just finished struggling with not one but two pencil skirts that I added kick pleats to. The struggling came in when I tried to attach the lining to the pleats. I admit “I really don’t know what I’m doing” when it comes to doing that. I just wing it and make it work. I have installed it just the way you showed above before, and now I think I’m going back to that method.

  5. Chelsea S. says:

    what a fantastic skirt! I’ve been dreaming of finding one myself, and am of course impressed that you made it. looks great tucked or untucked!
    Chelsea S. recently posted..Outfit log: Leia meets SpockMy Profile

  6. Amber Lee says:

    The skirt looks fantastic on you. I love the way you paired the skirt with several blouses. This just proves that black is a safe color because we can pair it up with several shades for clothes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Amber Lee
    Amber Lee recently posted..How To Attract WomenMy Profile

  7. Leah says:

    Oh, this is lovely! Basic, but well fitting and a classic, and very sexy librarian! I haven’t made the Jenny pattern, but I’ve been working on perfecting my pencil skirt. Angela Kane released a free pattern so I was going to use that. This is lovely, though, you might sway me towards the Jenny with your excellent finished product.

  8. firstmute says:

    I love this. I especially like the high waisted w/ polkadots–it’s such a classic but fresh look.

    The Jenny looks like a great basic pattern. As soon as I get a new sewing machine …

  9. Kelli says:

    I love it. Isn’t the Jenny pattern great? I have made it a number of times, but somehow never in a basic black. I may need to do that.

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