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October 11, 2011
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October 17, 2011
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Weekend report. From my new iPhone.


Morning monkeys! Mr. Bug and I headed out for another marathon weekend and I totally geeked out and faithfully recorded our doings with my new shiny white iPhone. THEN I edited the photos using Photoshop Express for iPhone and Instagram. Now I’m posting using the WordPress app. It’ll be a slightly lame post, since we’re watching Psych and I am forced to type on the teeny tiny keyboard. If I were alone, I’d be merrily dictating away and then just imagine the fun we’d have. But let’s get to the pictures, shall we??


Oops!! Accidentally hit publish! Sorry about that folks!!

Moving on… Picture number one is of Lucy trying to claim driving privileges…

The marathon was in Des Moines. We headed down Friday night and spent Saturday antiquing, fabric shopping and marathon expo-ing and elite athlete round table attending. Dan was in the elite athlete group for the marathon – for those that aren’t in on the marathon world, elite athletes at marathons get free entry and all kinds of other special treatment. In return, they run REALLY FAST. Anyway. Here’s the Saturday pictures…










Saturday night we cuddled in the hotel. Well they cuddled. I sat alone and unloved in the corner.


Sunday we got up bright and early. At least early. Dan was nervous. I was craving coffee. But we all got to the race in time.


Dan finished in 2:42:27 – three minutes faster than his marathon two weeks ago! He won the masters class so he’ll actually win some cold, hard cash. I’m hoping we can invest it in a second basset hound.



He and another guy from Mpls. ran together for a lot of the race. Lucy wouldn’t even let them drink water before crawling under the fence to lick them and demand attention. I felt the same way, but I couldn’t fit under the fence.

So there’s the weekend report! We’re all tucked in at home now!



Full disclosure… OK, folks, I DID the whole post on my iPhone. I came back, though to resize the pictures on my PC. Recap. I think that this would be totally workable with an iPad. And the iPhone will work in a pinch. Up next… an apron? A Dynasty sweater?? Who can say…



  1. Emma says:

    Very cute dog and I think he is really that smart. I really had fun with and congrats to your husband too! I just love your blog! Karen
    Emma recently posted..Understanding Men in RelationshipsMy Profile

  2. Karaboo says:

    Ditto, what she said. I love going to that Atomic Garage place when I go to Des Moines. I hope you had fun

  3. Karen Marie says:

    Congrats to your husband! I just love your blog! Karen

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